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Nothing to conceal from you, my friend! 

Everyone has experiences and incidents in his life, right from childhood which is memorable and unforgettable. Some of us keep them in mind and share with others whenever there is a reference to that but there are certain persons like me who pen down the same to get them published and make it a part of personal library. Before I may share one such cherished incident relating to my keeping a lady cycle right from childhood, the one cartoon published in the book compiled by some pharmaceutical company titled ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ is still afresh in my mind.

No doubt, the medicine manufacturing companies come with very new innovative ideas of advertisement but they do have impact on one’s life. I recollect that one poster advertising for a capsule to get rid of acidity was in the market with a caption–Where there is smoke, there is fire. Changed the life of a chain-smoker! The cartoon that made me laugh even today was sketched like one gent and lady cycle were shown meeting each other with one tricycle shown lying nearby in the next cartoon. Perhaps the idea behind was to show the biological process even in the spiritless creatures just to make you laugh.

In fact, by virtue of my capacity and skill to work, I could easily get a job but I decided not to rejoin any service and leave a post for the numberless unemployed youth waiting for their turn to join the service. When I became lethargic after my retirement, I decided to switch over to paddling after three decades by forming the Paddlers Club. I am still keeping the old designed lady cycle because the new gear system cycles-where you have to put a little force while driving and cover more distance–is beyond my reach. However, all other members of the club are having modern gear-system cycle.

I still sometime laugh and remember the pleasant incident with one of my friend–Virdi-of 70s. There were only five persons in my office in those days including my boss who was ex-army commissioned officer. I used to go to my office on my lady bicycle and park it outside my room situated just at the front of the main gate along with other four cycles. One day, my friend Virdi came to see me in my office, for the first time, though we had been in touch with each other over land-line telephone in those days. The moment my friend entered my room, asked me the way to wash-room, after saying a hello. I just told him the direction which was at the rear end and he has to cross all the three rooms.

After coming back, Virdi asked me, H K- he used to call me–how many people are working in your office? I told him, four – assistant, cashier, myself and my boss. However, I was amazed to hear his next question. Is there any lady staff in your office? I said, ‘No.’ After offering him a cup of tea, I told him that I am very fond of keeping a lady cycle right from my upbringing as it is easy to board and put down your foot on the road, in the event of any emergency on the road. There is nothing to conceal from you, my dear friend!
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