Die or dye every day, choice is yours!

Die or dye every day, choice is yours!

During my posting at Chandigarh during 70s, I had seen a board hanging outside the cabin of a cashier – We live only once, if we live right, once is enough. My concept about life was very clear from the very beginning. Birth is not a right and death is certain. After birth, you have every right with certain checks of the society. The only question is, as to how you live the long or short span of life between birth and death. 

There was a flood of question in my mind when I had read this quote at very young age – Why is there a fighting to live? Why do people cheat each other? What do people gain by dodging others? Why is there no change of mind-set? Why don’t people understand the values of life when we have to live only once on this planet earth?

Ultimately, these questions changed at least my living style when I saw a photograph in a newspaper highlighting the lathi-charge on blinds, I had reacted in editor’s mail column and since then I had emotional attachment with this class and blessed to take care of the visually challenged persons till date.

This quote has helped me to live a very peaceful life with dedication to the needy class, especially the visually challenged persons institution, to whom first book ‘Akhon Prokhe” – Out of Sight – was dedicated – the first ever book in Punjabi language. Any amount above Rs 12, the cost of the book was taken as a donation for the Home for the Blind and till date they are enjoying the interest from that amount. No doubt, the interest rate has gone down considerably but the small interest amount is a contribution to manage the day-today affairs of the inmates.

Everyone has gifts with him that no one else in the world can offer. You have skills you don’t even know you possess and at the same time you have instinct for love within you but you have not experienced yet. There are songs you have yet to sing, dances you are meant to dance, and stories that only you will be able to tell.

If you’re facing financial challenges, I promise you they can be solved. If you suffer from severe depression, find a medical professional to help you. It may even be something as simple as a 

chemical imbalance that can be corrected with acupuncture, a change in diet, or medication. If your heart is broken, it means you have the capacity to love and there is someone special out there, waiting to meet you.

There are also joyous, wonderful experiences awaiting you, but you have to be here to receive them. Yes, it is darkness before dawn, but the dawn will always break through. Frankly speaking, I still don’t forget the incident in my life when I overheard the words – I die every day but he was saying I dye my hair every day.

The happening goes like that one of my senior colleagues – a technologist and handsome too, whose face was blackened within a few days but he was reluctant to share as to what had happened to him as he had lost the charm to live. But when I asked him about my grey hair in early age, he disclosed, “Dear, my sincere advice to you is, don’t dye your hair in life. My blackened face is the outcome of reaction of chemicals in the dye which I used a few days back. I can’t face myself before the mirror”. I did not dye but I got more recognition with grey hair and beard which has become my dissimilar identity of ‘living without dyeing’.
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