“However” or “Moreover” - Choice is of Boss

June 28, 2016 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

“However” or “Moreover” Choice is of Boss

Transitions words like moreover, furthermore, in addition, therefore, however, consequently etc. are certain words, expression or other devises that give text or speech greater consistency by making it more explicit, or signaling, how ideas are meant by the writer or speaker to relate to one another.
I had never gone so deeply about these words and phrases that serve as bridges from one idea to the next, one sentence to the next or one paragraph to the next.  They keep the reader from having to find their own way and possible getting lost in reading. But when I go back to memories of my service career, these words do have unbounded meanings.
No doubt, writing is an art but writing the official language suitable to the seniors is a different experience.
During my four decades service career, I had served for one decade in personnel section where finalization of departmental inquiries was a part of my job.  Each case has a different and typical irregularities on the part of the officials and with the passage of time, even one could judge at the glance of the charges and proceedings of the inquiry as to whether the official alleged to be guilty has been issued charge-sheet intentionally or actually in the sense, having personal enmity or delinquency in performing his duties.
My duty was to draft the final inquiry report based on the alleged charges, documents produced during the course of inquiry, witnesses – both in defense and prosecution side – leaving the conclusion paragraph of inflicting the minor or major punishment for the punishing authority keeping in view the quantum of charges proved.
All the time, the punishment orders were dictated by the boss and in most of the reports, the officials were satisfied with the punishment orders. There had hardly been any order, where an official issued a charge-sheet, could have been let off. Major or minor punishment had been passed on in each case.
I remember, only in once case, the boss was undecided when he disclosed that a reference of my senior has been received to drop the charges. Perhaps, his boss might have been approached by some his senior officer or politician to give favour.
When I proposed, Sir, nothing to worry, the inquiry report is ready for your final order, you just let me know as to whether we should use ‘However” or “Moreover”.  However – could be used for letting off the official taking a lenient view and Moreover – for involving him in some other old references with major punishment.

Frankly speaking, after that, my boss never dictated me the final order except saying use “However” or “Moreover” till such time I worked with him.  The other day, I was told by some senior officer that this practice is going on even now.   Hats off to transition words!  

“However” or “Moreover” Choice is of Boss Transitions words like moreover, furthermore, in addition, therefore, however, consequen...