Dialogues with daughters… When enough is not enough

Apart from many other things, the two things that I imbibed from my father are frugal living and to be health conscious. Both proved to be very useful in my life.  His concept of penny-pinching can be measured from in this one liner despite he being himself a printer and publisher – ‘Don’t print so expensive invitation cards of marriage if the same can be extended on an Inland”.

I recollect that my wedding invitation was extended on an Inland Letter which I am still preserving as a token of memory in my personal library.
Anyhow, I grew up practicing these ideals.  He had a firm belief that moving economically is the mother of all qualities.  At the same time, if you are frugal, you will not be fraudulent, insincere and deceitful.  When once you are upright and honest, you will have a peace of mind besides healthy also.  Not only this, you also have a good health and standing in the society and in your circle because good health and standing involves both physical and mental state.
But the frugality had a profound impact on me that I had never more than three trousers, four shirts and pair of shoes till such time I joined my service. After that there was a regular purchase right from the first salary to the last one forgetting the concept of frugality.
Keeping alive the advice of my father, to keep myself physically fit, after retirement, I started paddling daily in the morning which later on become of group with a message of maintaining health and environment, by forming a paddlers’ group.
But after the marriage of both of my daughters there was a comma and not full stop to new purchases.  Then the gift culture come up and they started giving me shirts and other items from time to time and when I had objected, their reply would, “If you can’t accept, then stop giving to us”.
My better-half’s intervention that I should respect their feelings would resolve the issue that they are just like your sons and now earning hands. One of my colleagues, used to say that a family must have girl as her presence makes you disciplined and you can’t be argumentative for long.  It is a taste of matriarchy in a patriarchic India.
But when I see certain parents having sons only are cursing for not having daughters and both son and daughter-in-law in service hardly find any time to look after them.
Thanks to my daughters, both one locally taking care of us at any odd hour and other in abroad arranged our trip to USA.
When this new clothes were arranged for me from the branded shops, I said, “Enough is enough”. Can’t you see my age? I hardly need any clothes. There is a lot of common sense what I am saying.
Regardless of my saying, the other day, when both of my daughters were with us, I was flummoxed to find my cup board with more new clothes.  I rushed to my wife to tell her and before she could say anything, the mischievous smile playing on the faces of both the daughters was visible.
Elder daughters said, if everyone starts living like you, how will our economy move? While the younger one said, “Papa, this is the age of use and discards. Please start adjusting with the circumstances.  You can still be frugal by having a few garments but the latest ones”.

Frankly speaking, wearing a new garment, to me every spectator appeared to be giving a new message – “Be a part of “Shining India”. 
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