Embarrassing moments of wrong parking

July 20, 2016 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

There are certain things which are easier to remember but some are not easier to forget especially the most embarrassing moments as if it happened yesterday. I have tried over years to forget this moment but just never seem to go away from my hard-disc of my brain.

Life, it seems, is full of embarrassing moments, especially when it comes to parking. Not only this, despite of my being gotten older but when I think back to that day and just laugh and laugh.
Robert M.Hutchins has given a very funny quote on parking – the major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni and parking for the faculty. I recollect that for best packing place, I used to go little early to my office otherwise while parking at an odd place or behind any vehicle, the best way to avoid inconvenience to others is to put the vehicle in neutral mode so that it could be pushed to fish out the front vehicle.
The discomforting moment relates to parking of a vehicle at a public place while the paid parking places are convenient, safe and secured.  It also reminds me the tips from H.Kishie Singh who is a regular columnist on good motoring which every motorist should know.
In two such incident of wrong parking, I had to take out my vehicle with great difficulty, thanks to the power steering making easy to fish out your vehicle by moving backward and forward twice. But I left a slip under the wiper – Dear, wrong parking has put me a lot of convenience, be careful in future. Thanks.  Since I had left my contact number, I got a call for regretting with a promise, not to do so in future.
In another such occasion, which put not only me but the whole of the family of my cousin in a very scratchy position,  when one late night, I parked my vehicle in the back lane, where he resides, in such a way in a hurry that the front vehicle cannot be taken out in any odd emergency, without taking trouble to inform him as I could not park in my lane due to rush of vehicle perhaps a late night party was going on.
When I came to collect my vehicle in the morning, the incident which happened in my absence was so thwarting and interesting as well; that I could not stop laughing for long moments and even today, while I am writing this piece for publication.
The moment I said, Dear, I had come late night and on getting no parking in our lane, I parked the vehicle here without giving a trouble to you at so late hours.   However, on seeing all the four wheels have punctured, perhaps for the first time in my lifetime driving, my cousin, without waiting for a fraction of second, took me inside and ordered for a cup of coffee while narrating the whole incident.
He told with a mischievous tone that when my car could not be taken out for moving to office even after confirming from all left, right and front side residents, I took out a sharp-edged pin and punctured all the four tyres of the vehicle to teach a lesson for wrong parking.
In the meantime arranged for putting all the tyres roadworthy by calling the ‘puncture wala’ .
Frankly speaking, after this incident, I don’t know as to whether my cousin has faced such episode again or it was a lesson for me that I had never parked my vehicle at a place from where the vehicle already parked could not be taken out. But the embarrassing situation of that morning, is still fresh in my memories and when I share with my friends, it gives a message of right parking of vehicle at the right place, to them.

There are certain things which are easier to remember but some are not easier to forget especially the most embarrassing moments as if it ...