Rift within Congress and AAP to benefit Akali Dal-BJP - Frankly speaking

With the Assembly elections coming nearer, the political equations are changing day by day and it happens ahead of every election but in Punjab the situation is very uncharacteristic. In fact, the people are not satisfied with the alliance government in the state with the charges of giving support to smuggling and  extending benefits to corporation companies, corruption and above all presenting the whole members of his dynasty in the politics.
As of now, it is being admitted that Akali Dal will not come to power to make a hat-trick and the Congress thinks of cashing the situation and it has happened in the past also and Congress has started day-dreaming but the people has not forgotten the irregularities at Centre during the Congress rule and in such circumstances, the AAP started decorating its platform.
Some people are of the view that the people wants a change, as is said, the change is the spice of life, and want to try AAP instead of Congress, BJP and Akali Dal.  Speculations among the political circles started when Navjot Singh Sidhun resigned from the Lok Sabha seat that he will join the AAP but he has still to open his real cards. Congress leader Capt Amarinder Singh has publicly extended the invitation to Sidhu to welcome him in the party.
During all this happenings, burglary has started on the votes of AAP with the announcement of formation of Joint Front by Dharamvir Gandhi, MP of Aam Aadmi Party along with certain leaders and supporters which looks to be positive sign for the Punjab especially when it has the support of Yogender Yadav of Democratic Swaraj Party.
Now the question arises, Dharamvir Gandhi is labeled as rebellious leader and has been continuously criticizing the working of Arvin Kejriwal and has organized a rally few months back. No doubt, the image of Gandhi is clean and the voters have faith on him.  Likewise, Yogender Yadav too had opened a front against AAP and decided to launch nationwide Swaraj Abhiyan, when he was shunted out of the party.  He too has formed a separate party.  In case the leaders with clean record agree to share one platform, they can create problem for not only for Congress and Akali Dal-BJP political parties but for AAP also even if the response to the image of the party with regard to Delhi government is mixed.
During the coming Assembly elections, the main issues for contesting the elections will be corruption and drugs but the previous working of the party in these fields will only do the magic.
There had been continuous pointing of fingers on Arvin Kejriwal about his working and problems for him are natural when two of his senior leaders have come forward to give a tough challenge by forming the separate morcha.
Bhartiya Janata Party having alliance with the Akali Dal has not yet shown any of his card.  Keeping in view the performance in the last elections, BJP can think of contesting the elections independently by announcing at the eleventh hour but it will not be an easy task in Punjab.  According to the present indication of political pundits, the seems to be no breakage in alliance of Akali Dal and BJP and despite opposition, there are chances of forming of Akali-BJP government in the next Assembly elections as both these parties have majority to form the government. Even if 50 per cent is opposition, the opposition two will divide in two factions and Akali-BJP will easily form the government.
Frankly speaking, with the statement of Deputy Chief Minister, Sukhbir Singh Badal that 99% of Halqa In-incharges get SAD ticket  - which I quoted earlier as Chhotta MLAs – it looks that Sukhbir Singh Badal had a pro-term strategy in his mind, which both Congress and AAP lacked, while appointing the Halqa Incharges so that they may built-up their influences among the people of the area till the next Assembly elections.  Shiromani Akali Dal – SAD will not feel sad if this line of attack works in the right perspective.
In the statement it has also been made clear that Akali Dal which yet to name its nominees, already knows of their candidates and there is no secret in it.  He has rather made it further clear that there will be formal announcement too, if need be.  Perhaps it is an indication behind his statement that almost all the Halqa In-charges will get SAD tickets.
On the other hand, the high-flying Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the race in Punjab has been exposed with the controversy over the announcement of its two lists naming 19 and 13 candidates. Moreover, Suchha Singh Chhotepur, Punjab AAP Convenor has been hit by sting operation that shows him accepting money  by a supporter of thebparty.  There is also an audio file that has him saying the party’s Sangrur MP, Bhagwant Mann, has a drinking problem, who had become vocal in conveying his displeasures over the choice of candidates.
Chhotepur – who has not been sidelined by not consulting him while releasing the two lists has not disputed over the legitimacy of the incident but said that the contents did not prove anything doing wrong by him?  It has been made to embarrass him and there was nothing lay the blame on him.
But it has definitely raised a number of questions over collection of funds in cash.  It is and admitted fact that that collecting the funds for the party is the duty of the leaders and without the sufficient funds, the elections, now a day cannot be contested.  Generally, the entire expenditure on organizing seminars, rallies, congregations and entertaining the state and national level leaders is borne by the local supporters. Anyhow, this incident has irritated the Punjab AAP Convener and suffered a blow due to hullabaloo, who has threatened to expose leaders to bring out the truth.
Arvind Kejriwal – AAP Supremo – is mum over the issue and give the impression of being to be under pressure from a particular section in the party and ignoring the ground realities.
While the Congress is scrutinizing the 1600 applications invited for the 117 seats.  With the arrangement of hosting lunch for Captain at Qadian, the relations between the two erstwhile rivals seem to have improved, perhaps due to the intervention of newly appointed Punjab Congress Incharge Asha Kumar, who might have played a key role in bringing Capt and Bajwa close ahead of the Assembly elections.   If such gatherings are frequent in the coming days to make up the new approach for the coming elections, Congress is likely to get benefit of controversy cropped up in the AAP over the sting operation issue.
The most surprising factor is that the sworn-alliance party – Bhartiya Janata Party – BJP, is still silent over the issue of contesting the election and fielding the number of candidates during the Assembly elections due in 2017.
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