Giftology too is a Science - a memorable moments

Gifting is part and parcel of the festive season.  Ironically though, when it comes to buying a gift for the person, you are usually so close, it becomes the biggest challenge. However, according to Giftology Research by Titan Watches- which too is a science which like wine gets better with age - ‘Gift perplexity’ was found more in men than in women while buying something for their spouse.
A recently conducted survey found that people name their spouse as the most difficult person to but a gift for, while a large number said they get the worst gifts from their friends.
Come birthdays of some near and dear, the first thing comes to one’s mind is selection of a suitable gift to birthday baby or boy but it is more difficult when you have to select for a female friend close to you.
There is something about gifting that is hard to understand.  It is not always the size of the gift or price tag but what makes a difference is that affection that goes with the gift and how matchless it is. When you spend so much time with a person, you come to know him inside out and understand his needs, his wishes.
Despite the fact that understanding the shortest distance between the two but it is believed that the act of exchanging gifts with others may contribute to stronger relationship between them.  In addition, a gift may also refer to anything that makes people happier. At the same time, it can be given as a favour, a gesture of love, gratitude, sympathy and/or kindness.
During my gifting to  number of male and female friends, I have scrutinize myself that giving a gift is surprising important part of human interaction as it bonds and strengthens relationship within the family, relatives and friends.
Sharing things that others want to have is a simple way to let others know that you care about them. But, I recollect a discussions on this issue, three decades back, when one of my close female friend uttered – Bigger the gift, Higher the expectations. I could well image the intentions behind this quote which was spontaneous notwithstanding that there was no probability of any close relations,  as I could not find its author of this line, in the books or through Google search engine.
Anyhow, the gift could also be of thanks and appreciation, on a special birthday celebrations or accomplishing something in life.  Nevertheless,  the searching the right gift could be made even better if we could get to know more about the person you are searching for.  I have read somewhere that while make a selection of a gift, it must be kept in mind that the gift is as per the usage likings to whom it is being gifted irrespective the price tag, which is normally get removed, it is too less while it is otherwise, when one present the gift with a higher tag.
Expect nothing in return because you are giving as you wanted to give it.  Even don’t expect gratitude smiles or something in return but the important point is to reassess the point for which you are really doing.
Even with the passage of long time, I don’t forget the incident of presenting a gift to a couple on their marriage anniversary.  As I was away on the day of celebrations and was to join directly in the party, I asked one of my friends to get packed a beautiful ‘album’ as I had in mind that number of photograph were lying with the couple in envelopes. 
Frankly speaking, in this fast paced, tightly packed schedule life, there is hardly any time for one’s family for choosing a gift and unless the friend is very close, people try to play it safe when it comes to gifting rather than take out time and get innovative.
There was a very atypical situation when my gift was opened there and then by the better-half of my close friend as they were always anxious to see my gift which were presented earlier and liked more.  Since I had not purchased the gift myself and I just collected the packed and presented, I was feeling guilty without any blameworthiness at my own, when the gift was unpacked – the quote written on the album was the same which was quoted to me earlier under the common wording – Memorable Moments – Bigger the gift, Higher the expectations – I love you more than you think.
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