Wait for the highly secured ‘password’

October 09, 2016 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

In this hi-tech era, man is puzzled over naming and remembering the password used for the electronic devices is not easy task.  Since remembering password for each account is not possible, either one has to note down the same or remember by heart through the old cramming of tables during school times.
Normally, it is observed that if you are unable to log into a computer or account, the message comes on the screen is – make sure the caps lock key is not on and that you are using the correct case for each letter in your username and password.  Anything that is not case-sensitive means that any uppercase of lower case character can be entered.
Those who are frequently using the internet facility use the password for computer, email account, for any time machine (ATMs)  to withdrawn, deposit money or for internet banking, for rail booking etcetera.
With the advance technology, the number of accounts and password is increasing simultaneously.  The instructions are given that one should remember all the passwords as there are chances of leakage on noting down.  It is also desired that the passwords should be very sensitive with upper and lower words with one of the special numeric or scientific character.
Not only this, to be on safer side that your password is not used by anyone else on presumptions; it should be changed from time to time.  Rather, there are instructions in government offices to change the password after 90 days. How one can remember so many passwords ?  They you start ignoring the rules for choosing the password and start locating for the simple words, note down somewhere thinking that all other shrewd persons remember the strongest passwords.
The experts share that almost all people do mistakes in choosing the password and adopt the shortcut in selecting the simple password which could be memorize easily.
The analysis of leak password shows that ten per cent people use ‘1234’ The words are used more than one’s thinking like ‘password’, ‘welcome’ ‘123456’ and it is not in the case of common man. 
According to one expert, when there was war between the capitalists and socialist countries, the code used to operate the ‘nuclear missile’ was ‘00000000’ and there are number of examples like this.
Generally it is said that the rules formed for the security create hindrance in the security.  For example, the rule of changing the password for 90 days is not followed and to solve the problem of easily  remembering password, we prefer to choose the simple password. If it is stressed that password should be strong, then there is a problem to remember it and it becomes necessary to note down.  Certain rules are definitely dangerous for keeping the password from security point of view like the password should not be more than 12 words or there should be no space between the words.
It has been observed that the longest the password, the chances of its hacking are very remote.  A good password could be a unique sentence even which could be easy to remember and it take decades to hack it by the hacker. But it is not possible with the existing rules as adding of special character is demand of the most the sites for the password as hackers too are adopting the new techniques to locate the dotted password.
Perhaps, it looks that we have reached at such saturation point where the passwords are not secured.  Scientists and Computer experts are looking for a new technique where there is no disappointment or botheration and is more protected. There is possibility that in future, the electronic gadgets may not read password and work on pressure on the ‘keys’ or may censor the distance between the key board and fingers. 
The experts are working on a ring like device which may release the vibration to the device to be opened on reaching the key of the computer and recognize the real owner of the apparatus. Certain machines recognizing the finger prints have been devised but it will take a time for its use on all the electronic equipment. 
Frankly speaking, till such time, the new invention is not developed, one has to be very careful in choosing the password by even adopting the shortcut or noting down method.

In this hi-tech era, man is puzzled over naming and remembering the password used for the electronic devices is not easy task.  Since re...