Face to Face : Go Cycling-Go Green says S.Z.Khan

Md. Shadan Zeb Khan born on June, 25, 1972 – qualified Civil Services Exam in 2000, joined the Railway Protection Force as Group ‘A’ officer, presently working as Senior Divisional Security Commissioner in (RPF) at Ferozepur Northern Railway Divisional Headquarters, has many feathers to his cap – highly qualified, holding many positions, has number of awards to his credit, scholarships and fellowships, publications, presentations of his experience and accomplishments.

His hobbies include – Reading motivational books, Travelling, Debating and Writing and now paddling.

Khan did his schooling and graduation from Bhagalpur, MA from Aligarh and Disaster Manager Course from Pittsburg University.

Khan gives the credit to his mother Zarina – a house wife for joining the higher education by sending him out of home and for having acquired the reading and writing habit of English language from his father – M.A.Khan now retired as a dedicated English teacher.  He speaks so fluently with clear pronunciation in Urdu, Hindi and English.

He is married to Sheba Hayat, on roll of Haryana Civil Medical Services presently posted as Eye Surgeon in Civil Hospital, Ferozepur on deputation.  Blessed with a daughter Fatema, born on 21st July, 2009, is studying in Std.II in St.Joseph.

He is Muslim by faith, very particular about Namaz. He respects all religions. 
Khan started his career as Asstt. Professor at Aligarh Muslim University, where he worked from April 1998 to December 2001 and is presently, posted as Sr.DSC, RPF at Ferozepur since May 30, 2014. He held different positions in the Railways after joining as Asstt. Security Commissioner, RPF at Jallandhar in October, 2003. 

Right from the year of his joining the Railways in 2003, Khan has not looked back in bagging number of awards with the highest GM Award for Excellence in 2015.

Besides, Khan has also been recipient of  the State Merit Scholarship 1987-1990, Vice Chancellors’ Merit Scholarship(AMU) 1994-96, Junior Research Fellowship of UGC GOI 1997-98.

Khan is also a know Resource Person   For Civil Services aspirants and for programmes of All India Radio on clearing the audition because of clarity in speech.

Khan has also tried his pen in publication besides translating articles from Urdu to English mostly related to subjects like security and administration.  His recent publication “Cycling: Combining fun and fitness” was published in leading English newspaper and online portals of the region – Online news portals – Babushahi.com and Ferozepuronline.com and Daily Post.

Frankly speaking, he is courteous  in extending hospitality whenever anyone happens to visit him in his chamber regardless of his holding the highest security office of the biggest divisional the Indian  Railways.

Tell me a little bit about yourself - Excerpts from the chat with him : 

Have you family background to join the security services in railways?

No, I am first generation in railways as well as in Civil Services 

What prompted you to switch over to cycling and when you started? 

Fitness has been my priority after joining this service, earlier I used to jog. After knee problem in 2012, I explored alternative ways of maintaining fitness. I found cycling exciting, interesting and good for fitness.

Is gear cycle necessary for regular paddling?

No, rather one should start with simple/traditional non gear cycle, so that stamina and endurance improves. Once you sustain interest and decide to continue cycling as primary sports/mode of fitness, you may go for latest bike with gears. 

Have you tried for long journeys?

Yes, I have tried for long journeys on cycle, mostly 120 km plus. It improves endurance. 

How you thought of going to office on cycle ?

I am convinced that the leader should lead by example, therefore, I decided to adopt s greener mode of transport for going office. This has inspired many of my juniors to start cycling.

Did you have any inhibition on the first day while going on cycle duly dressed up being a Divisional Security Commissioner? 

Yes, I had some inhibitions initially specially when in uniform, but now I feel that it’s becoming a trend now. 

Is any other officer and subordinate has followed you to attend office on cycle?

Many of my colleague officers(ex AOM, DOM, Sr.DCM )have started cycling. I have not counted but those who use cycle for coming to office now take pride in using cycle.

Which memorable moments of your life you would like to share?

Whenever I meet wonderful persons/friends, these become memorable moments of my life but the most memorable moment was when I was blessed with baby in 2009. 

Do you feel training is necessary to join the brevets ?

Cycling, like many other sports, requires discipline, knowledge of correct techniques, better bike, regular practice and endurance. I think, for participating in brevets too these are necessary. A formal training under a coach, etc. is per se not needed for participating in brevets. 

How does cycling make you feel?

Cycling makes me feel younger, lighter, and simpler. It has improved my concentration. While paddling through the serene and lush green suburbs of Ferozpur, I feel like doing “meditation on wheels”. 

What has changed in terms of cycling and people’s day-to-day lives?

As far as changes in terms of cycling are concerned, it has taken a full circle from the time people started cycling. It was exciting and fashionable in the beginning and cycling is again becoming a fashion statement in recent times. The only major change is its evolution from a simple cycle to different varieties of bikes tailor-made to suit various kinds of roads (e.g highways, mountains, rural tracks, etc) and purposes (transportation, fitness, endurance, fun, etc). Qualitatively improved versions of bikes have paved the way for inter-state and international cycling events. The popular RAM (Race Across America), London-Paris cycling, etc couldn't have been possible without the smarter, lighter and sturdier cycles which were not available earlier. It has also affected people’s lives in a sense that earlier cycle was mostly need-driven, whereas now, it is also fun& fitness- driven. 

Any message you would like to convey to the masses?

Go Cycling-Go Green

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