New Year’s Resolutions – Let it be a Digital Monetization

A study revealed that traditional New Year resolutions have been replaced by modern life changes. During the past four decades, I had promised with myself the number of resolutions like reading more and saving money, on the first day of every New Year and stick to them which helped to live a peaceful life.  One thing is certain that those who have passion for the work that they do, the more likely they are to demonstrate positive energy and success in life.
The idea behind making, thinking or writing down our resolution is to keep the positive momentum rolling into the next season.  Gone are the days when the people used to make typical resolutions like giving up smoking or alcohol being thriftier with money.
But at the same time, some youngsters take the same resolutions every New Year eve, but fail to abide by them.  Well, if some youngsters are to be believed, corny New Year. I have been taking the resolution every year but keep failing miserably each time.
I was very fond of wearing full-sleeve shirts and almost have of every design – stripes, checks, plain of different brands when my daughter counted down in 1996 to around two hundred, I promised myself not to go in for new one for full one year by keeping a hand written slip in my purse which had been reminding me all the time while opening the purse or passing from near the show room displayed with new designed shirts.  But I stick to that for the next year and saved a lot during that particular year.
There was another friend of mine whose New Year resolution in 80s was to stop drinking but he used that as a pretext to go on a binge on New Year’s Eve.  He wanted to drink hard for the last time in his life despite suffering from jaundice and stopping by the doctor, but his promise barely sustained for a couple of weeks in to the New Year.
I also call to mind that I completed the last line of the couplet in a gazhal after the incident – “Maut Ko Jis Ne Kareeb Se Hai Dekha, Laksh Zindgi Ka Kuch Nazar Na Aaya – Those who have seen the death so closely, could not find the targets in life”.   
Those who make promises with themselves or had to by virtue of some hardly put up with by them except one of my friend to whom I used to call with love Shubi, fulfilled to remain straightforward with me on any issue but now a day the resolutions no longer find favour with the current generation.
Frankly speaking, Normally, I don’t agree that New Year is an occasion for one to start life afresh and stuff.  In fact, for some, it is just another excuse to spoil themselves silly. 
Let me share with as to what is so special about New year this time for me? 
But with the declaration of demonetization by our Prime Minister as a part of putting a complete check over the black money - which I don’t have - as I deposited the entire Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes with me, on the next of its announcement, I have realized that the power and need of plastic money, which effectively promotes the 'buy now, pay later' policy, or making payment instantly, by swapping the card, has become a modern-day convenience.
On the New Year’s Day, I had promised to enter into the digital monetization world by using maximum the plastic money which is equally good and safe in my hands, for which the infrastructure has been made available for swapping the cards even by small vendors, to help to make true the dream of our Prime Minister’s vision – Shining India.
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