Elections over, power disconnections on

As soon as the elections were over in the state, the electricity disconnections have started besides power cuts in many parts.
However, during the model code of conduct, the Punjab State Power Supply Corporation Limited – PSPCL – have become active and disconnected the power connections of Jail, Courts, Tehsil and Water Supply as a campaign to recover heavy dues of Rs.22.33 crore.
So far as power cuts are concerned it looks to be diplomacy of politicians and false promises even before results of Punjab Assembly Polls 2017 on March 11.  The local residents allege that they know well before the elections that after voting, the power cuts would start and same is happening now. On the other hand, the Powercom officials say it as routine cuts due to maintenance.
The local residents voiced that instead of huge amounts on rallies, the amount could have been spent on to improve the situation of the power in Punjab to solve the problem of those who are reeling under the power crisis. If it is in February, God knows as to what would happen during the peak hot days in the month of May and June.
According to SE MPS Dhillon, there are dues of Rs.44 lakhs against Central Jail and in the event of non-payment, the electricity supply has been disconnected.
Apart from Jail, around Rs.22 lakh is due from Irrigation Department, Rs.1 lakh of Zira Tehsil Complex, Rs.5.55 Zira Court complex besides Rs.22.33 crore of Corporation and government offices – Commissioner office Rs.79.79 lakhs, DAC Comples Rs.47.38 lakhs, Punjab Police Rs.19.58 lakh, Rs.1.39 crore Water Works Rs.17.46 crore Public Health, Rs.3.22 lakh of BDO Office and Rs.38 lakh of government dispensaries.
In Guruharsahai sub-division, Rs.2.50 crore bills are dues from the villages while Rs.5 lakh is pending from Public Health and Water Supply, Rs.1.83 lakh from Public Health, Rs.2 lakh from Mare Kalan and many more.  Not only this, Rs.23 lakh was due towards SAD District President Lambi Jathedar Dyal Singh Kolianwali.
Sources said, after the notices and warning for strict action, certain defaulters have started depositing the dues against the bills already generated. In all, Rs.1118 crore bills are pending against various departments including Rs.720 crore of government departments – Border Zone 213.99 crore, North Zone Rs.99.76 crore, Western Zone 176.77 crore, Central Zone Rs.3.02 crore and South Zone Rs.199.97 crore. 11,175 Consumers are also facing courts cases by Powercom in various courts, the amount of which comes to Rs.285.89 crore. Moreover, the Powercome has ordered to disconnect more than 2.50 lakh connections of defaulters.

 in However, the bankruptcy of the government cannot be ruled out because of poor planning of the budget allocation. Starting many projects and keeping majority of them incomplete, was nothing but to keep intact the vote bank.

An old timer shared that which way the wind blows could be felt only after the formation of the government after March 11. 
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