Is India heading towards a revolution?

February 24, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Solution to the problems of our country does not lie within the existing system but it now lies outside the existing system

Seven decades back when India got freedom but the pursuit of freedom is still not over. While we are preparing for celebration of our freedom by commemorating the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the prosperity India has achieved over the last these years but many goals are yet to be achieved as the pursuit for freedom and liberty is a never ending one. We all know that it took two centuries to overthrow an imperialist regime and India has travelled a long way since August 15, 1947 in terms of social and economic growth. All this I could realize only after going through the history and observed after I attained maturity as I am 1950 born.
The Freedom House,  in a world with wavering democracy and where freedom is under threat, India is categorized as a free country with an overall score of 77 (0=worst, 100=best) and on a scale of 1-7 (1=most free, 7 =least free) political rights scored 2 points, civil liberties got 3 and overall freedom rating of 2.5. In the same report, developed nations like Finland, Norway, Sweden scored a perfect 100.
Not just India, press freedom has declined globally to its lowest point in the last 12 years in 2015, as per Freedom House and this fall is majorly due to the rise in terrorist forces, and political-criminal powers trying to silence the media in a broader struggle for power.

There had been many reforms during this seven decades and latest one in terms of regulatory framework for ease of digital access and declining detention for online speech but the increased website blocking and intimidation of internet users has hampered the improving internet freedom.  A major positive transformation came last year, when the Supreme Court of India took down the Section 66A of the IT Act, which had led to several arrests for online speech and most notably the case of cartoonist and activist Aseem Trivedi in 2012.
In a democratic system where politicians have to play a major role for the development of the country have spoiled the whole system. Whosoever is in opposition have disrupted the proceedings of the Parliament. I don’t hesitate to say that they have looted the country and the recent glaring example is of AIADMK General  Secretary VK Sasikala was convicted by the Supreme Court, which set aside the Karnataka High Court verdict acquitting her in the 19-year-old disproportionate assets case, that also involved late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.  This will definitely discourage others from seeking illegal gains despite the fact that a good number of judiciary too is not free from corruption cases with the involvement of its own law abiding members occupying the high plinths.
Now the question is – Will India be a developed country ? Logics given are – vast geographical area, developed technology, huge man-power.  But due to corrupt system and bad intentions of the people, only the strict implementation of the existing laws is lacking which is a  big hurdle in the development of our country to come at par with US, Canada, Australia even a small country like Singapore which got freedom after India.
The politicians in India are playing with the politics who divide people on the lines of caste and religion to create their vote bank and maintain their vested interests at any cost without bothering for the common man.
While the Bhartiya Janata Party is working on religious line while other parties on caste lines and there is no difference between the working of the political parties.  It is so sad for such a vast country that a good number of politicians are facing criminal charges and out judiciary system is such it takes decades to decide the case and in the meantime, they continue to enjoy the political status by contesting elections either in power or while sitting in the opposition.
Talking about the problems the country is facing, the prices of daily use items are shooting up to the roof, unemployment is increasing and it is all heading towards crisis. 
Take the example of a building, which can be renovated while another building which is so dilapidated and you have to demolish it to ground zero and reconstruct it. Meaning thereby, there is no construction without destruction.
In such a scenario, there is a need to destroy the system which is outdated.  Do we have a Parliament which hardly does its business for the growth of the country for full term? Shouting, screaming, disrupting the proceedings shows the Parliament is finished as it is never run smoothly in the budget, winter or monsoon sessions.
Frankly speaking, it looks that everything which also include judiciary, bureaucracy - has collapsed in the system and it is hollow now, which can only be tested with any of the ‘ism’ – capitalism, socialism, and communism.  We have to create a system where the standard of living of people keep raising which only comes through the revolution.  Therefore, the solution to the problem of our country does not lie within the existing system but it lies outside the existing system.  The existing system has to be destroyed as it does not allow progress as we have seen even after seven decades of our freedom. When the small countries in the world can progress, India too can which a big think-tank and resources and only requirement is to use it in the right perspective is the real skill, which India is lacking so far.
Both communism and corruption both are dangerous for the country as they are complimentary to each other.  India is a country of great diversity with so many castes, religions, languages and ethnic groups and only way to keep united and head towards progress is secularism and giving equal respect to everybody.  No doubt, communalism, casteism and corruption is enemy of our nation.  Every tough measure has to be taken which is not possible within the existing system and French like revolution is need of the hour as in normal course, we cannot bring reforms among the politicians they are in cognizable like leopard cannot change the spot, in normal course. The leaders don’t have genuine love for their country because they are concerned with their vote banks for which they spread hatred, polarize people and there is need to bring complete change in their nature.
When I feel that a storm is brewing among India’s most downtrodden community fed up from the existing system, the only hope now looks to be a revolution and it could be possible only with tough hands by remaining within the existing system which cannot be possible without the contribution and cooperation right from the top brass to the ground level.  Over to the law-makers!

Solution to the problems of our country does not lie within the existing system but it now lies outside the existing system Seven ...