Please ask me next time…

Questions are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said, “We run this company on questions, not answers.” He knows that if you keep asking questions you can keep finding better answers.
But most of the children learn by asking questions, students learn by asking questions and new recruits too learn by asking questions. Innovators understand client needs by asking questions. It is the simplest and most effective way of learning.
At the same time, people who think that they know it all no longer ask questions – why should they? Brilliant thinkers never stop asking questions because they know that this is the best way to gain deeper insights.
My experience says that one should try to practice asking more questions in your everyday conversations. Instead of telling someone something, ask them a question. Intelligent questions stimulate, provoke, inform and inspire. Questions help us to teach as well as to learn.
My reading habits increased with the publication of my write ups, letters to the editors in various newspapers and portals.  I recall when I decided to spend some part of my savings for purchase of books of my taste and maintain my own library. 
I was gifted a set of two books by Rattan Tata – a collection of his letters to various dignitaries.  While going through one of the chapter, one thing I liked was that whenever Rattan Tata used to meet a new person, he never asked the questions like What you have done?  or What you are doing? but he will ask, What are your next plans?
I too started putting questions to the students whenever I happen to visit the schools as Resource Person to create awareness about the moral values in one’s life.  My question used to be – Our generation has given too much to the people of today'
s and now it is your turn to give something new to the coming generation and the responsibility is on your shoulder.
I used to make understand the students, Dear Students, we are old timers now, like news, we have shifted from Page1 to Page as we don’t have much material with to make front page news and now it is the turn of present generation to come on the front pages keeping always in mind – What Next?
The latest technology given to third generation is mobile sets on which your figures can search about anything in the world through search engines and store in on your gadgets with specific password which can be viewed at any time by the person who knows the password of the device.
But for this, the facility of internet is must and anyone happens to get the Wifi signal, he would like to have its password if it is secured one.  Sometimes you guess it and enjoy the internet facility but if you don’t get then you reluctantly ask to have it because we are so conditioned that no wants to be without Wifi facility even for a moment and remain updated over the social network sites.
Usually, passwords are case sensitive for better security. Also, a database search can be made case sensitive for greater accuracy.  Sometimes when I change the password and keep a new but I am still astonished that as to whether it was a coincidence of our not having good relations with our neighbor country or it was a technical fault when I put the password as Pakistan – it did not work but when I put it as India – it worked.

Frankly speaking, one recent incident compelled me not to go in for asking the password when I got an unsecured Wifi signal on my device and the password told was – “Please ask me next time”.
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