There is no shortcut to success in education and only hard work can take you to top of sky : Brar

The educationist are of the view that reforms in education system are required as most of the people blame the present education system which has become a burden on students and quality wise it has become poor.  But at the same time, some are of the view it is not the education system but us – society and parents who have made the system burdensome by making it competitive and not educative.

Pargat Singh Brar – his simple personality, highly understanding nature, supporting willingness, excellent management and logics in his concepts are some of the virtues that he carries with him to bring reforms in he education system in his own way.
Pragat Singh Brar recently joined as District Education Officer at Fazilka has high ambitions in his life to uplift the standard of education within the existing framework.
Brar, born on 30th November 1976 is from the family of a former Army Officer of S.Swarn Singh and Sardarni Jasbir Kaur a housewife, married to Sukhbir Kaur too in education line – Headmistress at Govt. high School, blessed with two kids – 9 years old son Ripanjit and 3 years old daughter Avneet.
He did his MA and M.Phil in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Pargat Singh Brar is known for bringing reforms in education sector by introducing creative and productive methods. Here are some excerpts from the discussions with him on broad issues concerning school education.

Didopost : What improvements have been observed education system since you assumed the charge at Fazilka?

DEO: It’s but natural. With the change of administration, the perfection in the system is bound to come. The attendance in the schools has improved with a single message to the staff to be punctual.

Didopost: What do you say about assigning of non-teaching work to the teachers ? What measures are being adopted to stop this practice?

DEO : I agree that teachers should only do the teaching work but due to limited staff, a stop-gap arrangements have to be made.  The written work is likely to be tabulated in Excel sheets on computers at the school level or BPEO offices for Secondary and Primary levels and making the maximum use of e-mail for transmitting the data.  This will give a relief to the teachers from non-teaching duties to great extent.

Didopost :  What other facilities are being provided to teachers and other staff members?
DEO : From April onwards, a system shall be put in place, so that no employee has to visit the district office for getting his or her work done. Every employee would be able to upload the scanned copy of his communication on the online portal of the district education office with assurance to get response within 48 hours. In addition to this, district level committees to resolve the problems of teachers and other staff shall soon be constituted. Grievance Cell shall also be established under this committee, in which any teacher could file its complaint, which shall too be resolved within 48 hours.

Didopost: Do you have any plans for students?
DEO:  Working hard for the students’ community had been my aim. First, the teachers working in different offices on deputation have been sent back to their schools so that there is no loss of study to the students under orders of Secretary Education, Shri E.Vajralingam.
Second, for the examination coming up in February-march, mock tests and revision papers have been prepared for the students by the efforts of school heads and subject experts. Besides this, to prepare the students for competitive examination, free coaching classes shall be conducted after the examination by the subject experts.

I am specially trying to provide best possible educational facilities to girls. As D.E.O. Ferozepur I had put in efforts to get a special school for girls at Mamdot. For this, I myself got approved the required 12 acre land and grants of Rs.2.40 lakhs for the Girls Schools of Mamdot, Zira and Makhu respectively from the Education Minister, Dr. Daljeet Singh Cheema.

At Fazilka also, my determined attempt is to provide excellent facilities for girl education. Along with studies, special attention shall be paid to the increase participation of girl students in the job-oriented workshops/courses and games in government and private schools of the district.

Didopost: Do you think that the work in your office will hamper by sending back the staff deputed in your office to their parent schools ?

D.E.O. : Not at all, no work shall be hampered. All the staff members relieved from my office were teachers. The study of students in their parent schools was being affected because of their deputation in this office. That is why; they have been repatriated to their schools. I have already told this before that my effort shall be to take only teaching related work from teachers. As far as the affect on my office work is concerned, I would like to tell you that clerical and other non-teaching staff in schools with lesser work load has been deputed in my office in the place of relieved teaching staff.

Didopost : What measures have been taken to stop cheating during examination?
D.E.O. : Cheating is a curse which pushes the future of students in the darkness. We have taken some serious steps to cheating in examination. An Anti-cheating committee has been constituted comprising myself, deputy D.E.O., Madam Chanderkanta from Jalalabad, Mr. Sachdeva from Abohar and some other officials. The committee shall select the superintendents, deputy superintendents and flying squads by carefully checking past records. The team shall also conduct surprise checking at examination centers and strict action shall be taken against the persons doing cheating as well as against those helping cheating.

Didopost : Why no action is taken against the teachers giving private tuitions and those remaining absent from duty (Furlough)?
DEO:  Strict government orders are there that no teacher of the government and aided schools shall do tuition work. If any teacher is found flouting these orders, strict action shall be taken against him or her. I was busy in election duty for the last few days, so could not give much attention to this problem. I would prepare a list of such teachers who do tuition work despite being in government job or do injustice to the students by remaining absent from schools. I also request my fellow journalists to provide information about any such irresponsible teacher so that strict departmental action could be taken.

Didopost : What message do you want to convey to teachers, students and parents?
DEO:  My message for students is that the copying or cheating are biggest mistakes in student life. There is no shortcut to success. Only hard work, perseverance and honesty can help you reach the top of sky. I call upon my fellow teachers to do their duty with honesty and dedication. My cooperation shall always be with you. For parents, I would like to request them to give best education to their daughter so that an educated society is built. 

Through your newspaper, I would like to make an appeal to the people to do work for establishment of a Navodya school at the earliest. There would be latest educational facilities for the students in this Navodya school and the expenses of education, boarding and lodging shall be borne by the government.

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