Unforgettable moment - Men to the left because Women are always right

There are number of incidents, episodes and memorable events in one’s life and the same when remembered compels you to laugh for a moment.
Similarly there are number of days are celebrated like Fathers, Mothers, Friends etc. but I had never thought that World Toilet Day will also be a part of celebrations.  World Toilet Day is a United Nations (UN) observance, on November 19, that highlights a serious problem – 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to proper sanitation.
 It is celebrated to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis – a topic often neglected and shrouded in taboos.
In our lives we have bad and good times. Some of them we want to delete it from our memory because they make us feel shame, but some other are such a beautiful moments that we never want to forget them. 
Every person make happy at a one point or the other and sometimes a situation happening with you seem horrible and embarrassing.
Normally a man is addressed as He and woman as She. Even sometimes we have seen that they are identified with pictures of King or Queen pasted outside the toilets now called restrooms or washrooms in the hotels, restaurants or tourist’s spots or simply He or She.  I have also read like Men to the left because Women are always right.
But there are some funny situation still fresh in my mind made me laugh but the most recent was the few days back when I had gone to attend state level governing body meeting.
I being a patient of prostate enlargement had to frequently urinate by rushing to the washroom.  On the day of meeting, I looked for a washroom and when I just opened the door inscribed with ‘He’, the sweeper was cleaning the toilet. On seeing my urgency to urinate, he asked me to go to other washroom pointing out with finger to the door written in bold letters ‘She’.
For a moment I thought that if some woman comes after my entering ‘She’ washroom, I will be in a very awkward position being an old and educated man besides the thought which came to my mind was that I have become She for a moment.  Thank God! Nothing happened like that I came out safely.  But this incident has become a memorable incident in my life and sometimes I still laugh when I see the word ‘He’ and ‘She’ outside the washrooms and reminds me the World Toilet Day celebrations. 

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