Dear… you are young because of me !

It is the desire of each one to look young throughout his life but one cannot avoid the aging process to enter the old age at one stage.

I see a number of people who had become lazy with shabby look because of no activities even after retiring from service or business.   The people are becoming health conscious but because of hectic lifestyle schedules, keep most of the people away from doing even routine exercises.  

At the same time, to keep fit myself and to give a message to the next generation to keep your physically fit and give healthy environment to the society, after my retirement, I floated the idea of forming a Paddlers Club and we all, switched over to regular paddling of 5-15 KMs and on weekends on long routes, say 30-50 KMs, which is keeping me fit physically and mentally.

What I feel is that even if you feel younger than 50, your body may look your age or worse even if it might give a few years older look.  At the same time, if you want to look younger, there are few lifestyles, dietary and beauty tips to keep in mind once you hit your late 40s and 50s. 

if natural solutions do not provide the desired effects, there are also few professional cosmetic procedures you can check into. There are number of ways to look fabulous even at 60.
First, exercise is important at all ages which include both cardiovascular and strength exercises in your routine which has number of benefits like improving circulation supplies more nutrients and oxygen to your skin besides it leads to weight loss and some excess fat can drop your perceived age by several years.

Secondly, stress can also create more wrinkles and general wear on your skin. Thirdly, making the habit of keeping your posture gives the appearance of confidence. Fourthly, our body builds up free radicals over time and these freed radicals speed up the aging process. Antioxidants helps to keep a check and reversing some signs of aging in the process and one must get more antioxidants from fruits, vegetables.

Last but not the least, avoid excess sugar in the body which could damage the collagen in your skin and wrinkles can form easily. Similarly, avoid taking alcohol which could damage your whole body system at one stage.

I recollect when one of my close friends asked me to start taking less sugar as you will start looking older very soon because of diabetic side-effects. On the other hand, my doctor advised me to stop when you are declared diabetic. But my sense of humour worked when I said, “I had to take sugar because I become sweet by consuming it”.

Frankly speaking, another recent incident compelled me think twice when in one of the old colleague’s get-together, the senior one in the party said to the next older person, “Dear, you are young because of me”. At the first instance, I could not understand what does this mean”. But on my asking for clarification, he said, Dear Dido, “I am the older one in the party and if I die, this Jaspal sitting next to me will become older whereas he is the senior most youngest”.  I was bowled over on his spontaneous thought and however wished – “May you live long to keep everyone young”.

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