Enough is enough !

One should be satisfied, there should be no more.  As for money, enough is not enough, no man can enjoy more and this expression is often used as an interjection.
The cleverness of human mind has no defined limits when it comes to making money. Sometimes, in the process, there are interesting challenges right from simple to complex. But with your quick wit, sharp spontaneous effect and an ability to read other’s mind mixed with a little slyness, you are nearer to mix of qualities to lead any unsuspecting person on the way and secure financial or other benefits from him.
Hans Christian Andersen has rightly quoted, “Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”.
To have all this, in the present era, one must be big enough to admit his mistakes but smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them, depending upon the circumstances.
While sitting on a rocky chair sometime, this reminded me of one Punjabi folk saying – eh tann lehran ginan de vi paise lai lave – he may make money by counting waves on the water surface.  Here the ‘eh’ is referred to a person with some sort of authority or shrewdness who may induce any person to part with money. 
It is also said that in good old days in the hilly areas, where the sun shines occasionally and if you asked a ‘Hato’ – Coolie – to move aside a bit to allow you to enjoy the warmth of sunshine, he would resort to say, “What will you give me for this?”.
There are number of such interesting incidents in one’s life and if penned down, it would take a book form for others to enjoy. 
I remember when one of my friends fixed up the marriage of his two sons, not on the same day, but with a gap of weeks’ time to collect ‘shagan’ on two occasions instead of saving by organizing on a single day.
Not only in personal life, has it also happened when it comes to the posting of an officer especially in revenue department.  Recently promoted officer waiting for his posting after the formal training period, when asked for his posting station said, ‘mein hale matha nahi tekia’ – I have not been to the prayer.  While I took the hint that he will get the posting only when he will visit the headquarters but another old-timer colleague did not. 
It is an admitted fact that those went quietly for the prayer at the headquarter office, not what you have thought in the first instance – religious place – would get the posting by leaving a small beautiful pack look like a book on the table.  It worked for him for getting a good posting in the district.
In fact, you may call it interesting but it is true that people are never satisfied.  If they have a little, they want more and more and if they have a lot, they want still more.  The lust does not stop here, once they have more, then they wish they could be happy with a little.
I recollect that one of my senior colleagues used to say that more you are informative, more you are in trouble.  Even my father used to say, short or excess money; both are ‘sirdardi’ – a headache to maintain.  There are plenty of reasons for looking down our noses at money or ignoring it and hoping it will go away despite deep know that money is dangerous. Money is a fact of life.  Sooner or later we have to deal with it because it is important. Human mind sometimes runs with the hare and hunts with the hound.  One mischievous mind has rightly and cleverly remarked; I think I have piles and I am not talking about my bank balance. Here, enough is not enough but enough is enough.  
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