What you feel is a reality!

Most of the time, there is no end in debates over certain issues and existence of God is one of them, in spite of the fact that majority of the people have faith in the his existence or any other super-natural power. 
A head of the religious sect – Scientific Religion – from a  Brahmin family – Satyanand Agnihotri Ji – had given birth to a religion without God, on realizing that existence of God is a myth but unfortunately, the cult  had handful of followers because of number of reasons.  However, the concept of real aims of life in relations with four kingdoms – cosmos, vegetation, animal and human-being – is wonderful. 
Taking birth on this planet earth is a biological process and death is certain – acceptable to everyone.  The question is only as to how you spend this long or span of life between birth and death. In fact, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ idiom befits well in all the cases.
Ronald Dworkin in his book – Religion without God – has addressed number of questions that men and women have asked through the ages: What is religion and what is God's place in it? What is death and what is immortality?
Based on the 2011 Einstein Lectures, Religion without God is inspired by remarks Einstein made that if religion consists of awe toward mysteries which "manifest themselves in the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, and which our dull faculties can comprehend only in the most primitive forms," then, he, Einstein, was a religious person. Dworkin joins Einstein's sense of cosmic mystery and beauty to the claim that value is objective, independent of mind, and immanent in the world.
According to Donald Hoffman from University of California, we see around us is a fa├žade for a more complex matrix. But to believe the reality of the world may far too difficult for humans to grasp.
Galileo once wrote: 'I think that tastes, odors, colours, and so on reside in consciousness. 'Hence if the living creature were removed, all these qualities would be annihilated.'

At the same time, the concept of feeling the existence of God, has to be very clear from reality as people are more likely to realistically assess.  It is obvious that a wall keeps you separate from others so arguing of wall has nothing to do with feeling as it is a common for fall.

Another version which one of my friends used to say that there is no need to show where people know you and there is also no need to show where people don’t know you. It’s a feeling which develops on clarity of a perception with the passage of time.

Frankly speaking, whenever there had been discussions over the issue of existence of God, Almighty, Nature or any super power, managing the whole affairs on this planet earth, it could not wind up with any conclusion but bring to a close over the words – it is an endless debate. 

Keeping aside all these observations, there is an admitted fact that we speak and write for others otherwise there is no necessity to speak or write.  Similarly, the universe doesn't exist if we stop looking at it.  But, everyone agreed to my version when I said, the existence of man-made God concept has become a feeling and what you feel is always a reality. 

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes reality ! Over to you...

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