What if, no Google to What next?

In this high-tech era, when everybody talks about ‘What Next’, it is very difficult to say exactly as to how this entire world would be able to work without Google – the most frequently visited website in the world.
Google is a huge company which employs more than 30,000 people. There are a wide range of applications offered by Google and many of them are completely free. Users have the flexibility of using e-mail or Gmail and Google Docs for the purpose of sharing different types of documents. Google offers maps for the purpose of navigation, Calendar for organizing different activities during the week.
Apart from this, Google offers analytics for the purpose of tracking statistics about a website and blogger for setting up an attractive blog for professional as well as personal purposes. Lineup of services offered by Google also includes Google Patents, Scholar, Finance, Groups and Google+ for social networking. You also get the Image search option which enables you to get hold of the best images that you would like to use. Not to mention, Google search engine which has completely revolutionized the whole procedure of getting useful information on the internet? There are a lot of things offered by Google for accomplishing a number of tasks without putting in much effort and also without spending much money.
With the availability of so many features on the Smartphones despite the fact one don’t have time to make use of all those.  If there was no Google then to find everything on search engine, people would need to talk to each other more. Forums will start to be bombarded with small queries. People would often meet up in big groups to discuss things as there was no Google to tell them stuff. Instead of Googling everything whenever they wanted, people would try and remember more stuff. As is the case with phone book in mobiles, we no longer remember phone numbers of our family or friends. Same is with Google. We don’t even make an effort to remember stuff because we know we can Google it any time we want.
If there is no Google, the researchers will spend most of the time in the library to consult books for references.  The writers and reporters will have to keep a reference bank to link their write-ups and news.
Let me share one incident when I used to keep a notebook, even now,  with me to note down every new number.  Most of the people ask me as to why you keep it when the new Smartphones have in-built memory with provision of extra insertion of memory card.  I tell them that once I could not retrieve my data with the change of mobile set, I had to rebuild the whole data.  Thanks to the true-caller software, which display the name of the caller if the same is not saved in the device otherwise one has to use his extra sensory memory to recognize the voice of the caller.
Frankly speaking, one incident which I cannot fail to remember is that once I forget to take with me the notebook of contact numbers on way to distant station.  But when I had to make an important call to one of my close relative to visit Chandigarh on the next day positively to fill up the form for applying for the purchase of a plot being the last day, whose number was not unfortunately saved in my mobile, I was helpless. But my daughter asked me to search on Facebook, Lokesh Uncle, must be having his account and might have mentioned his contact number.

Acting on the advice of the young generation, I could locate him on the social media to get his number and conveyed the message. He luckily, later on, got the allotment of a plot in the prime location of Chandigarh in the draw. But today I am thinking – What if there was no Google.  Hats off to Google, for making every information available with the click of the mouse and touch of the thumb now. I have however now started thinking for any odd situation to come from What if, no Google to What next?
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