Acchhe Baap Ka Achha Beta Hun.....

There might be number of incidents in one’s life but some are very important and memorable and sometime, I feel to pen down them for others to read to make this planet happier.  I believe that we always write and speak for others otherwise there is no necessity to speak or write.
I recollect an incident, when I was travelling in a train, one young boarded the train when the train had left the platform.  Unfortunately, the ticket checker – TC - was also available in the same compartment.  The TC demanded double the charges to allow him to continue to the journey and he found short of hundred rupees.  Being a stranger in the whole compartment, he looked worried.  When I asked him as to he boarded the train by jumping and he could have come little early. He said, Uncle, I had to appear in an interview at Jalandhar.  I paid him the money he was short of and he was able to continue his journey by buying the ticket with penalty as he could not purchase the ticket from the counter due to short of time.
He thanked me and asked me my address so that he could return the money. Handing over him another hundred rupee note, I said, this is for your return journey and do help someone like me in your life when you meet such like situation.
Sometimes I feel when you put a question to someone spontaneously, the person is speechless to answer which means he feels guilty and has no answer.  In another incident, when once I asked the truck driver, who had crossed the red light and stopped at the octroi post next to it, by following him, as to who is your ‘ustaad’, ‘guru’ – trainer, to which he has no reply but instantly regretted for crossing the red light.  I left with an advice to him not to repeat in future to become a successful and perfect driver.
In another incident, I call to mind when I was waiting for an auto-rickshaw when because of heavy traffic and chaos on the road due to the peak hours of school time, no vehicle was stopping to take the passengers. Perhaps this was the day after a long time when my bike was borrowed by someone and I had to go to the bank in the cantonment area.  I was endlessly waiting and got lacking energy to stand for some time to wait when a gentlemen on a two-wheeler stopped by my side and enquired as to where I wanted to go.  I was surprised on this gesture perhaps my old age with grey hairs. “State Bank in Cantt.”, I said. He just signaled me to sit on the rear seat to which I readily jumped as there was no alternative with me.  He dropped me exact at the door of the bank.  I thanked the stranger and asked about his name.  He said, “Sir, acche baap ka acchha beta - noble son of a noble father” and left before I could ask him the name of his father.
Frankly speaking, when I sit and go back to my memories with such incidents, I feel that all is not lost in life. If you do well for others you too get the same reaction from others on some other occasions.

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