Now think before you Believe - God men or God women !

September 12, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

After Hinduism, the birth of new religions was based with certain reforms depending upon the requirement of the circumstances and need of the people. When a man starts living in the society, the powerful man started dictating the terms which with the passage of time, when he could feel the pulse of the masses, a new religion was created. A number of sects were formed suitable at both the ends.

The weaknesses of the man or the so-called heads of the sects started coming up with number of controversy when the links with the high ups and politicians become a part of it.

A new controversial chapter has cropped up now with the directions of Punjab and Haryana High Court to file FIR against Radhe Maa just days after Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim was sent to 20 years jail for raping 2 Sadhvis by the CBI court at Panchkula taking 32 lives injuring hundreds besides loss of state and private properties.

In fact, Surender Mittal, a resident of Phagwara in Punjab has moved to the court when the local police failed to take action on his complaint of harassment. Sukhwinder Kaur alias Radhe Maa has been accused of bribing and threatening him after he raised voice against her for spreading obscenity and vulgarity.  The allegations against her are creating obscene acts at her religions discourses.

Have you ever thought as to who has made these Godman and Godwoman?  It is none else than the persons who becomes followers who lacks scientific mind and still ridiculous superstitious in this scientific era from freaking out every time on crossing your way by the black cat on the road, not to cut nails at night which may bring a bad time for you.

On the other hand, the brain is washed with tailored maid discourses and the person who comes in contact with these so called god man or god woman starts following to get easy way of living and getting rid of bad karma just by getting the few tips of taking a dip in a river whereas it hardly makes any sense in this technical, methodical, systematic and logical era in which we are living in the age of Google’s self driving cars, wireless phones – 4G Smartphone and gene manipulation.

Another weakness of human being is that a human wants to live and live too with leisurely and pleasurably.  He doesn’t want to die early but we love the personalities and celebrities without going into their background.   In fact, we are more interested in the personality than the real deeds of the person.

Frankly speaking, the religion is the opium of masses and following these God men or God Women is nothing new and it has gone deep in to the minds of the followers that everything happens with God’s grace.

Admission  to one of  their Sect and  attachment with the particular so-called Gods is the first step towards any type of recovery of tensions in your life with offerings even then when youths in our country are waiting for the job avenues with limited resources.

But these so-called God Men or God Women pushes us to achieve our dreams but instead of working hard and making positive life changes, we carve for the easiest way out or say, shortcut.

Dera Sirsa Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Radhe Maa now coming in the headlines are flop shortcuts in front of us tempting the not only the illiterate rather educated class to follow them even after suffering time and again. It’s called a lack of self belief. 

The fake ‘babas and maatas’ are nothing but another support for many of us as all the time and these – God man or God Woman are the mediums with easiest ways and means, to set every wrong thing to right as in this materialistic world we are scared of consequences and doubt on our capability and abilities.

Over to you with  my quote - Think before you Believe!

After Hinduism, the birth of new religions was based with certain reforms depending upon the requirement of the circumstances and need o...