Survival of journalism – without fear or favour

With the attack on the press, the survival of ink – which has now replaced to keyboard with the introduction of new technology of computer – depends upon the quality of news without fear or favour.
As to how the real stories will come out for the citizens to consume news who are addicted to live with it as fodder with the recent attack on the freedom of press known as the 4th pillar of democracy Is this attack on Gauri Lankesh is not the attack on the readers also who frantically wait for the ground realities happening in the world around them?
It is felt that today’s citizen who is also the reader wants to know the ground realities to make up his mind to believe or not to believe which depends upon the credibility of the reporter barring the social media which is playing a vital role in flashing the news like FIR – first information report and not SIR – supplementary information report which is normally submitted by the investigator in the Central Bureau of Investigation –CBI.  The reports submitted after thorough investigations are authentic, genuine, bona fide and unadulterated.
The news is now consumed as fodder to live on the mulch it creates. Rather, the way the news chomp through can be difficult, disconcerting, distressing 
If truth be told, a reporter has to struggle to make a news not only to put wiser the readers but also with intention to bring reforms in the system with the clear ideas and issued mattered to him or her. Otherwise it will be a routine reporting but incomplete and unfinished projects on fighting with the social evils in the society and our system.
Such reporting could be controversial but definitely can be debated to come out with new inspiration and proposal which could set right the things. But killing of news writers is distinctly unfair.
It looks that the time will come when the storyteller and the analyst will go underground when unable to decide over fear and favour for giving impartial stories.

Frankly speaking, with this trend some newspaper will survive and some will thrive depending upon the quality of original journalism that will be produced.  And the journalism may be leaner in the future and possibly less principled and idealistic. But the investigative journalism and other unique content will be the key to long-term survival of the media will still a question in hand to publish – without fear or favour.
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