Take care while calling someone Baba

September 12, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

The concept about the so-called spiritual Gods called ‘Baba’ is changing with the conviction of Dera Sirsa Chief on August 25 and this date will be remembered as a historical date in the religious circles.
I started suffixing the word – DIDO – Data In Data Out - just to have a feeling of peculiar name for the readers being catchy having no dictionary meaning but abbreviated by me from the word – GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out – the basis of computer technology. It looks that BABA stands for Bad Around Baba Added.
I got recognition from my friends over adding Dido to my name rather everyone asked me the significance of this word. Even some of my seniors in journalism profession, not in age, started calling me as Dido Baba to give a due respect taking advice from to time.
Anyhow, now I feel that the word ‘baba’ is termed as bad word now rather assumed some horrific connotations as after his exposure by the media persons, Baba – here referred to Dera Chief – had an extremely criminal, money-minded, morally wrong and disparaging mind-set.
What I have a feeling about ‘Babas’ was to give discourses from time to time to change the mindset of the people to do always good for others if your expect others to do the same for you. There is no question of living a luxurious life.  He should live a very simple life to set an example for his followers to live with the minimum resources.
Let me share that I used to dress up in different moods by wrapping cloth on my head, keeping different caps looking like a ‘baba’ and the first reaction from my colleagues after the conviction of Dera Sirsa Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh for 20 years jail by the CBI Court at Panchkula on August 25 was – dear Dido Baba the ‘gaddi’ is now vacant to occupy.
Then I started feeling to equate me with the person who has been condemned by one and all while I wanted to be a mentor for others to always do good deeds in your life.  Sometime, I uttered the words as if some discourse by the baba is going on like it’s useless to go to mandir, maszid, gurdwara or any religions place if you don’t come back as better than before.
It reminded me couplet when some PhD guides who harass and exploit female scholars are being called as ‘Guide Babas’ – Goria Bahan Da Thesis, Bahut Hai Teda Visha, Uf! Gharia Kimti, Guide De Lare Hamesh – The thesis on whitish arms is not an easy task, Oh! Time is very precious but all the time excuses of Guide.
Even the various dirty abbreviations of MSG – Messenger of God is viral of social media as Master of Sexy Goofa and new rhyme - Baba Baba Black Sheep Have You any Wool to Pool, Yes sir, a small one to cool.
Frankly speaking, after August 25, the word ‘Baba’ has become a derogatory or abusive word whereas it should be prefixed or suffixed as mark to give respect to the learned or aged person.  Even a bad politician is now called a ‘political baba’.  The ‘baba’ word is used in most of the Asian countries for father, grandfather, wise old man, saint or priest, sanyasis.  However, it has different dictionary meaning lying on my study and working table - a small, rich sponge cake, typically soaked in rum-flavoured syrup.
Over to readers! We have to take care now before calling someone Baba. 

The concept about the so-called spiritual Gods called ‘Baba’ is changing with the conviction of Dera Sirsa Chief on August 25 and this d...