Who made powerful to Dera chief?

Ultimately self-styled God, Dera Sacha Sauda chief has been convicted for 20 years rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs.30 lacs in two Sadhvi’s rape cases by the CBI court at Panchkula on August 25 – the day will be known as historical judgement day for exposing the inside story of Dera.

This crime story had been in headlines in the past throughout the world for the last 15 years like a terror film or thriller  which has number of inside stories from different angles.

With the rape crime inside the Dera, the other stories related are about head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh are becoming of his religious and powerful guru, a politician and administrator by making the society as his slave.

The idiom – Bhagwan Ke Ghar Der Hai Andher Nahi – There is delay in God’s house not darkness – meaning thereby all is fair in life even if there are slight delays – befits well for Dera head.

The CBI court judgment will become a history in times to come which will create  a confidence among the people about the judiciary.  The decision will itself speak that hen number of political and bureaucrats have bowed before the multi-facet Baba and the voice of innocent Sadhvis were being snubbed and an anonymous letter to the judiciary has brought relief to the victims.

The credit for this goes to struggle by the two victims, sacrifice of daring reporter, honest officers of CBI and confidence of judges for their dedication towards the law.  Those who have degraded most are politicians for their vote banks.

In fact, this episode started when an anonymous letter was floated to the Punjab and Haryana High Court by a victim in 2002 and to the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Home Minister and CBI Director but its notice was taken only by the High Court.
It would be injustice if the contribution of present District and Session Judge, M S Bhullar is not recognized who conducted in-depth enquiry into the case on the directions of the High Court.

Taking the anonymous letter as a petition, on the comments of Justice Sular, the case was marked to the CHI for investigation on September 24, 2002.  During this period, the Ram Chander Chhatarpati journalist published in Sandhya Dainik – Poora Sachh and later on, he was killed.  The charge is that he was killed by the loyalist of Ram Rahim which case is still under investigation.

The very unfortunate part of the case is that the statement of Chhatarpati was not recorded in the hospital for number of days during the tenure of Chautala government which clearly speaks that it wanted to save Ram Rahim. Not only, another sewadar named Ranjit was murdered during this period as he was suspected to be behind the floating of anonymous letter to various authorities and this too is under consideration of the CBI court.

Another interesting part of arson, violence at Panchkula after the verdict despite clear directions from the High Court, as to how and why the dera followers were allowed to gather at Panckula and court has to comment that for the political vested interests, the Panckula was allowed to burn.

Even the Congress government provided the ‘Z’  plus security to Dera chief which was also continued by the successive BJP government.  Number of politicians of Punjab and Haryana also visited the Dera chief to get his blessings during the last Assembly elections.

If Dera chief has become so powerful that the winning of elections was in his hands, the politicians cannot be absolve of the responsibility of making him powerful. 
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