Sangh’s worry over downing graph of BJP is obvious!

The recent statement of Rashtirya Swayasevak Sangh – RSS - Sangh Supremo Mohan Bhagwat on the government of Narendera Modi who is making all-out efforts for the of growth of economy is a new warning. 

According to him, there is a need to make new policies by the advisers of Niti Ayog and advisers for the state policies, by coming out from their outdated ideology, to strengthen the economy of the country.  They have stressed to improve the working conditions especially of the farmers and small industrial units.  After the implementation of demonetization followed by GST – Good and Service Tax, the economic graph has come down.  The opposition is raising its fingers on the issue on the government, there is also a whispering within the BJP has also started.

The demonetization has affected number of businessmen, farmers problems have increased and the most affected is the labour class  and small businessmen and later on, the GST too has added salt on the wounds.  There is resentment over the weak policies of the centre government.  The business class is termed as supporter of the BJP and the worries by the BJP and Sangh are obvious.

At the same time, BJP is busy in making strategy for the next elections due in 2019 right now to encash it at the appropriate time.  Modi took over the command with the slogan of development but unfortunately neither he could bring improvement in the foreign investment nor employment opportunities could be created for the youths standing in queue for government jobs.  The important policies like farmers’ insurance, looks to be a source of income only.  

In such circumstances, the BJP has to face a number of questions before the coming elections.  Since the BJP is being run by the RSS, the worries of the party are increasing especially with regarding the problems of farmers in view of weak economic conditions.

Still one and a half year is left for the next elections and the few efforts on the part of government can take it out of this stress to greater extent. But for this some strategy is required which looks nowhere near the government.

Frankly speaking, Bhagwat has compelled the Niti Ayog and policy advisers to think from different angles as it is failing all the time. The dream behind the change of Planning Commission to Niti Ayog for speeding up the development pace, is still unfulfilled.  There is no improvement in the condition of farmers and number of problems related to them has no solution with any of the government.  

Similarly, the soft corner of the center government towards the  big corporate houses, the small business entrepreneurs are mostly affected whereas the ground reality is they create maximum job opportunities.  Apart from this, to have control over the high inflation looks, be beyond the control of the government.

Under such circumstances as to how much central government take note of the statement of  Bhagwat and  satisfy the common man well before the next general elections, would be wait and watch policy as of now.

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