Dear, who is in a hurry? Let us hasten slowly to win the race…

While change is the spice of life, it is only constant in nature.  But managing change remains a big challenge not only for an individual rather for the small and big organizations in all spheres of life.  Change with continuity would be the best bet and one should clasp change but slowly and steadily. There is also an old saying – Slow and steady wins the race.

The moment the thought slow comes to your mind, it will remind you that number of things around you are happening slowly. Animals and plants grow slowly. Weather too changes slowly.  It is also said that one who breathes slowly lives longer. Most of the people welcome the slow blow of wind.  Even the Yogic exercises done at a slow pace give better results.

From a health point of view, eat slowly to chew well so that salivation initiates the digestion process and intestines are spared for the extra effort.  The learned have rightly said that daanton ka kam aanton se mat karvao – Don’t take the work from intestines which the teeth can do easily.

While the clock moves at a constant speed, it is the only biological clock which ticks slowly. One should slowly so that he doesn’t have to think later on as the words once spoken cannot be taken back.

Let us take the case of a child, who too learns slowly.  A patient recovers slowly. Relations develop slowly.

Slow-paced reforms taken up with due care and study are largely successful.
Let me also share that classic artworks like Rome was not built in a day and as well the Taj Mahal was never created in a hurry.

Hasty climbers have sudden falls.  There is no use of hurrying and haste makes waste is evident he who pours water hastily into a bottle spills more than goes in.
Frankly speaking, those who are fast movers on the roads, don’t know the consequences that await them despite clear road signs that fast driving thrills but kills the bystanders if not the driver.

The best example to go slow is when an umpire signals a batsman out and the controversy is cropped-up between the two teams, a slow-motion reply of the clip clears the confusion.

I recollect when I warned my boozer friend, who is a regular drinker that liquor worked as a slow poison.  He replied, Dear, who is in a hurry?

So, let us hasten slowly to win the race.
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