Helpless but not Hopeless

When someone says to you, “I am helpless”, don’t become panicky, he might be having his limitations.  He has dared to tell you the truth without concealing anything as nothing is simpler than truth.
In fact, by saying helpless, he has given a message to you that either you may try someone else or do a hard work to achieve your goal.  The happiness you will enjoy the hard work, surpassing all difficulties and insults, will be more blissful. 
I know a research scholar pursuing his PhD in the University but could clear his viva voce due to the fact that each time he was told that papers have gone for external valuation and only on receipt of that evaluation report, the date for viva could be finalized.
This reminded me a composition by Keshi – Gorian Bahan Da Thesis, Bahut Hai Teda Visha, Uf! Ghadia Kimti, Guide De Lare Hamesh – The thesis of the whitish arm is very tedious, but there had always been one or the other excuses by the Guide.
But when the date was given to him, he fell ill and could not give the presentation to expectations of the examiner. How could he tell his guide to give me another date when he had already waited for four months?  None of his fellow classmates could come forward to say few word to his Guide or Examiner to help him as all had completed their viva and left the University.
I don’t know what has come to their minds, perhaps his speaking the truth to the examiner that he is not feeling well on the day of viva, the day he was waiting since long. Anyhow, one day I was informed on the day of my viva he fell ill. But he dared to say the truth to the examiner that I am helpless due to my illness today but not hopeless so far as my thesis is concerned.  He told me that he has cleared his viva and likely to honoured with a degree on the next convocation celebrations in the University.
Frankly speaking, If you are feeling helpless, don’t hesitate to speak the truth, it pays.  If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything and it is found in your simplicity also. Nothing is simpler than truth, honesty and sincerity and it could only be possible if you will take the word ‘helpless’ even from a close friend of you but not as hopeless. 
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