If old is gold, then what about the present? Take present as a present….

December 14, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Generally, it is said that old is gold and present days are very bad to live in. Old days are projected in such a way that the present appears to be disgraceful in comparison to the wonderful past.
Old wine in new bottle is also a famous phrase when old good is presented refurbished in a different way.
But this thing kept lingering in one’s mind as to whether we are really living in such a bad world. At the same time, we are listening from the childhood that good era is gone, the bad era has started.  Even it is repeated now in the same way.
One thing is certain that good and bad era had always been there in the past, now and would continue to be a part of future also.
If we turn back the pages of history, there were wars, murders, slavery, gang rapes, disasters etcetera. Even in olden days, rich used to employ poor for the meager salary and abuse.  People had to die for want of proper health care. Even bomb blast used to take place and the glaring incident is of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not only caused havoc in the then prevailing generation but also cause genetic harm and the subsequent generations have to suffer.
Not only this, drugs were out of control and other crimes used to take place. Child labour in factories, mines, fields, the child mortality rate was exceedingly high and physical abuse of women was a commonly accepted practice.
Sati system, child marriage, racism, caste system, everything was in the past too.
It is not understood that when why so much of hue and cry that only present is bad?
But if we compare the past with the present, there are so many factors to feel good about and things have improved and more people are educated.  The number of wars has declined as compared in the past.
The good news is that there are philanthropists, social workers, various charitable institutions focusing on helping poor and illiterate people. The youths have started understanding the moral responsibilities. Various international level organizations – having no links with the political parties – are donating funds to people in any part of the word in the event of natural calamities like earthquake or tsunami and help comes from all over the world.
Frankly speaking, both good and bad things exist, do exist and will exist always.  Just relish whatever you have and stop cribbing about what has happened. The human race is definitely evolving in a positive direction. Had the moral values dipped, the world would have definitely come to a halt.
Take it granted that every moment is gold, irrespective of an era but the change is the way of life.  It’s time to live in the present than to get lost in the past. Life has no rewind button or fast-forwards button. The only gold option is live in the present, make the best use of it and enjoy the present.

Over to you! Take present as present…

Generally, it is said that old is gold and present days are very bad to live in. Old days are projected in such a way that the present a...