Let us be scientific minded, no shortcuts in life!

December 14, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Having witnessed and read about the so-call Godmen and their deeds exposed to be public in the media from time to time compelled everyone to make up an idea about the religions going on in the world.

The basic problem of a human being is that he wants to live and naturally, he doesn’t want to die.  But at the same time, he wants to live leisurely and with pleasures. 

Birth is not a right, it is a biological process.  Death is certain.  The question is only as to how to spend this long or short span of life between life and death. The proverb, “As you sow, so shall you reap” rightly befits in our life.  At the same time, we live only once and if we live right once is enough.  In the eyes of science, the reincarnation is still a debatable issue.

There are no short-cuts for success in life. One has to work hard in life within a certain framework of the society, to enjoy the leisure and pleasures of life.   

Saying something about the religion, when it has nothing definitive to say about these natural processes - nothing about the causes of tsunamis, earthquakes, why volcanic eruptions occur, why there are droughts that damage farmers' crops then we have to believe in the explanation of these processes which belongs to science. It is an inflexible mistake to seek their explanation in religious beliefs or sacred texts.

It is the science that provides an account of how galaxies stars and planets came about after the big bang. It has discovered how the HIV epidemic originated and how Aids spreads. A person of faith may interpret these events in religious terms, but they are explained by science.

It has rightly been said by one of the founder of a Science Ground Religion – Dev Dharam : “Like the natural laws and education in math, cannot be different for different men, but the universal for everybody, in the same way, true and science-grounded religion can only be one and universal for everyman.”

The elements to bring about a new era of peace and harmony in the world by coming out of the happiness based low-loves and low-hates exists within the man himself depending upon as to which direction your driving force is taking you.

Frankly speaking, any action or saying so-called Godmen if cannot be tested in real life with logic and reasoning is not to be believed.  The need of the hour is that we should be scientific minded so that we are not overpowered by unnecessary external forces with their sweet talks and shortcuts in life.

Having witnessed and read about the so-call Godmen and their deeds exposed to be public in the media from time to time compelled everyon...