When he understood the value of Zero…

December 14, 2017 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Zero has more value so far as its use in the mathematics is concerned. If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros. But, sometime back there was good news with thanks to urbanization and women’s education that the world population growth rate decreases systematically and expected to reach zero by 2050. 

Whereas, a hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. A hero is also an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.  It is also said hard time don’t create heroes. But they definitely represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings.

 There are certain people in life who are very egoistic and they don’t know that it can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities and it can kill success.

 Let me tell that the biggest problem that humanity faces is ego compassion to find out whether one is right or wrong and identifying what one’s strengths and weaknesses are.  Possibly, such people are not aware of the value of the person sitting across the table even if he is nothing.

 It’s almost three decades back, I took the Hero as an actor in the movies, But when a senior politician was appointed as Chairman of one of the Asia’s largest institution – popularly known as Hero - H.S.Hero – Harcharan Singh Hero, I thought it must have been suffixed Hero as the name of village as the practice among the leaders.  Someone told that he started his career from Zero with a small job in the transport company but he became Hero and gained popularity, in the politics of his time.
 I recollect that when a very close friend of Hero who used to come to meet him frequently, was very self-centered, perhaps because of his position in the media house. He could not meet him unfortunately even on his recent three-four visits.  Since I was working with him and when he last visited, he told me in a lighter mood, “This is my last visit, tell Hero and I will replace H with Z to make him Zero”.

Zero has had a long history. The Babylonians invented the concept of zero; the ancient Greeks debated it in lofty terms (how could something be nothing?); the ancient Indian scholar Pingala paired Zero with the numeral 1 to get double digits; and both the Mayans and the Romans made Zero a part of their numeral systems.

But Zero finally found its place around AD 498, when the Indian astronomer Aryabhatta sat up in bed one morning and exclaimed, "Sthanam sthanam dasa gunam" — which translates, roughly as, "place to place in ten times in value". With that, the idea of decimal based place value notion was born. Now Zero was on a roll: It spread to the Arab world, where it flourished; crossed the Iberian Peninsula to Europe; got some tweaking from the Italians; and eventually sailed the Atlantic to the New World, where zero ultimately found plenty of employment together with the digit 1, in a place called Silicon Valley.”

Anyhow, Zero is the desire. When it gets existence, it creates one. Zero is also the number people often feel, more so than one.

But in real life, there is also another incident when the students put the nickname of one of the students as Zero and he used to make the complaint against his fellow students. When the teacher put in plain words the value of zeros, he gave a smile and said, I am proud to be Zero.
Frankly speaking, since he was my boss, as to how I could pass on these remarks by even a close friend of him. The visitor was known to me also because of his frequent visits to the office, but when I spontaneously replied in a lighter mood to him – Sir, Zero too has many values. Its contact can make the figures double, triple and so on will change you into a hero and if multiplied in anger, will make you also a Zero.

Thinking for a fraction of the second, perhaps knowing the value of a person, he said, Dear, don’t share with your boss, he is a friend of mine. I was just pretending. 

Zero has more value so far as its use in the mathematics is concerned. If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want ...