An era of the conscious mobile app usage

January 31, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

The era of new mobile apps is on and there are no more limits as the new app may be beyond your expectations as the programmer are no longer restricted to technological tools and these are solely based on the power of the new idea.
Mobile is one of the latest inventions which have brought a sea change in the information transfer technology with the availability of various features with the branded sets.

No doubt the mobile discovery has cropped controversy over certain issues and latest of its linking with the Aadhar Card.  Mamta  Banerjee, Chief Minister, West Bengal has said to this extent that – Centre are interfering with the people’s rights and privacy. I don’t mind if it is snapped.

Whatever may be the outcome of its linking or not, but mobile was one of the best tools during the last Assembly elections in Punjab with the use of information and sharing the latest development over the applications of Facebook and WhatsApp to win the favour of the common man.

Everyone can’t forget certain incidents in the life and me too when the other day when I visited a school for mass counselling of students on moral values in life, I asked the questions to the students as to which one is the latest technology in this world?  The instant response by one of the student was Sir, touchscreen mobile.

My next question was as to what next in this technology? A very smart boy raised his hand and stands up to say, Sir, I don’t know but one should use this technology very carefully for best purposes. For the human being, the rise of cognitive apps and the growing use of artificial intelligence are driving smarter decision-making. In such a developed technology, how conscious are you about the impact of the use of apps on your business or personal life, depends upon the circumstances.]

Frankly speaking, I have seen my this experience don’t include in the golden tips of mobile usage which concentrate only on – balance the safety and convenience, return to the cord phone, limit the length of your calls on your cell phones, keep a distance between the phone and your head, stay still while using, turn off when not in use, consider either not giving cell phones to children or restraining their usage to urgent situation circumstances, look for the product designed to shield you as a cell phone use, and purchase a cell phone that rates as low possible on the scale of radiation emissions. 

The incident I cannot forget when I put the call from one of my friends with the speaker on in the presence of my wife while sitting on the dining table.  Without any inhibition, as the caller could never judge as to whether the speaker of the mobile is on, said – Dear, how is going on? Let us this time make a program to enjoy by visiting some places in South India.  I said. OK.

But after that, I was in a very awkward position at home as I had just refused my wife not in a position to go to the nearest relations being busy in some important assignments. Had the speaker of the mobile not put on ‘on mode’, I would have made some other excuse to join my friend but I was left with no other alternative except to dream up a good story to avoid joining my friend.

The dangers of new apps may lead to many more questions about the future of the app and the professionals will continue to battle with the bolts and endeavour to take care of the essence of every individual.  But don’t forget to take care while talking to someone in someone’s presence before putting the speaker mode in ‘on mode’ of your mobile. 

How mindful are you about protecting this app in future depends on you?

Over to your mobile! 

  The era of new mobile apps is on and there are no more limits as the new app may be beyond your expectations as the programmer are n...