Who says, technology is at fault to maintain the pace of relationship?

While the older section of society is blaming the technology as a fault to maintain the pace of relationships whereas the young generation says with the spread of mobile technology, it has become much easier for more people to maintain constant contact with their social networks online.  Not only is this, a lot of people taking advantage of that opportunity.
Gone are the days when the love was compared with the several popular tragic romances of Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-Pannu, Shiri-Faryad, Sohni-Mahiwal, Mirza-Sahiba but remained a part of poetic narrations.
Instead, relationships have become as dispensable as Kleenex tissues; people use and throw away the relationships after they are done soaking the mess. While this may sound harsh, it can be considered both as a negative and positive thing. The negative aspect of this attitude is understandable but many people find it hard to believe that there is a positive aspect to this as well. This attitude signals a progressive attitude towards the freedom of choice. There are two types of worlds that we see today in regard to relationships. There is the old world, full of charm and innocence when it comes to romance.
Falling in love was a gradual process, people get to know each other over time; they consider each other’s perfections and imperfections, and accept each other anyway. People recognized all that they were and considered each other as a whole rather than all those tiny, annoying things that prevented them from being everything they envisioned in the ideal mate. The two people involved in the relationship evolved right alongside each other and they put in their best efforts to find that key balance of how they could fit into each other’s lives regardless of the circumstances.
And then comes the new-age relationships which are fast moving swipes in a sea of seemingly eligible options, only to discover that eligibility does not always equal availability. We have gotten used to everything being perfect even if it is just a facade; given the shiny and flawless filters on Instagram and Snapchat. This has created an unusually high expectation for a person for the perfect house, the ideal job and a flawless partner. Sometimes it feels like patience and compromise are archaic concepts, and it’s easy to fall into this trap where everything is awesome, nothing is perfect and very little will suffice.
Frankly speaking, many would blame technology and the millennial generation for this change of pace in relationships but everyone else is also at fault when in a house everyone is busy on mobile even texting to remind to get ready for the movie or party.
But I don’t agree to this version that technology is at fault as a decade back when this mobile technology has introduced I got a wrong call as the caller was trying for next to my number from Kerala but the conversation was so pleased that we have not yet met but to this relations, I have given the name as technological relations and maintaining till date by exchanging greetings on family rituals and even invited to visit each others’ place.

The truth is that we tend to take solace in knowing that we haven’t yet settled for mediocrity, because something or someone better may still be out there.

This what I sometimes call  - When I developed a technological relationship…
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