Life too has two sides like a coin….

February 22, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

There are different views about life, even its origin and so far Darwin theory of evolution is acceptable.  In fact, the change in inherited traits in a biological population over subsequent generations is called evolution. The idea of evolution is based on the foundation of a common ancestry.

Scientists have proved that life evolved in the form of simple unicellular organisms on this earth and the organisms which are present today have evolved from a common ancestor.

In other words, the present human being is the outcome of thousands of years of evolution and it is a perfect man, hardly more developments are required. 

It is a biological process now but after birth, you have every right with certain checks of the society. Ultimately, with the passage of time, everything has a life expectancy and is bound to vanish in another form.  The question in life is only as to how you spend this long or short span of life between birth and death. If you will spend a good life, you will be remembered for times to come and if you have committed wrongs in life, you will not only be discarded rather quoted saying like – Don’t live a life like that.

So, we should be careful and the old-timer quote is befitting here – you live only once if you live right once is enough. 

In a simplistic way, if you call yourself a leader, then you have to be decisive and if you are decisive you have the chance to be a leader.  This is called two sides of the same coin.

Sometimes, when you are not able to take the decision due to certain or specific reasons, then the open left with us to toss the coin to select as to which side should move – Head or Tail.  To avoid any controversy as to which team should move first, a coin is tossed to decide which the best option is.

In our day to day life, we always have two options like a coin at every step – either do this or that, go this way or that way, take a decision on some particular issue or discard it for some time.

Likewise, comedy and tragedy are also two sides of the same coin in our life.  A talent in one area might also lead to a predisposition in the other.

I recollect an incident when there was a property dispute between the two parties and same could not be settled despite the intervention of all relatives and friends.  Ultimately, they have to take the help of tossing the coin to decide the issue once for all.

Frankly speaking, life is like a coin. On the one side is pleasure while on the side there are pains also.  But only one side is visible at a time but we should not forget that another side is also waiting for its turn.  Anyhow, it may be coin or life, you can spend or enjoy it any way you wish but you can spend it only once.

Now, when the concept of life is very clear, we can easily say that success is not final whereas the failure is not fatal. Out of these two perceptions, only your courage to continue to which side will count.

There are different views about life, even its origin and so far Darwin theory of evolution is acceptable.  In fact, the change in inh...