Thank you – the most oft-repeated word in our lives

Thank you is among the most oft-repeated words in our daily lives. However, mechanical repetition of these words has robbed them of their essence – the heartfelt gratitude that the words seek to express.
True thanksgiving goes deeper than mere words; it arises out of appreciation and gratitude and humility, acknowledgement and submission.
Most of us can narrate a number of incidents when these words are uttered distantly and impassively.  But very few would be able to recount even a single incident in the recent past when a warm and heartfelt gratitude was either given or received.
These golden words seem to have lost their true purpose and meaning in the hurly-burly of our busy schedules, leaving us with little time to think deeply or even from the heart.
In fact, the words ‘Thank you’ has the potential to change the course of our life.  Listing out all the things you feel grateful for is a therapeutic exercise that is sure to chase away the most persistent blues.
Have you ever had the opportunity to say simple thank you and have let this opportunity pass? I have passed up many opportunities to say thanks but I am not going to let this opportunity fall through the cracks. In fact, we should convey our thanks right from parents, brothers, sisters, teachers or even of all those have been helpful in your life.  Even to the tailor who stitched your school uniforms and clothes and farmer who produced food and vegetables for you.
I am 68 Plus and I never forget to bow while passing from the school from where I had my basic schooling.  Though it is out-fashioned now to give due respect to the teachers, I never forget to touch the feet of a school teacher whenever I happen to meet him on the way even in the big crowd.
Not only this, even the politicians after winning or losing the election, have started conducting the ‘Thanksgiving Rallies” to keep a close liaison with the public till the next elections.
In this digital era, we have even recorded the message of ‘Thank you’ for calling despite the fact that they are business calls.
Thank you is the right word to acknowledge someone for doing something for you and while saying it, does not necessarily open doors, it may just leave them cracked wider for your next transaction. It is also a small payment forward, in those cases where you may never see one another ever again. But it echoes definitely give a message to the person standing in the queue after you for making the same request to get the better services over the window.
Saying ‘Thank you’ to the person who is extending service to you, even the waiter at the hotel, while refilling your water glass, will in return provide you with the best of his services.
‘Thank you’ also comes from the tone you use, the body language, the eyes, the handshake, the embrace etc and can also be expressed in a better way like the spoken word.
Alternatively, what if we consciously and intentionally use ‘Thank you’ but the greater the gratitude, the more specific and heartfelt it ought to be.
Not the east, Thank you is so little, so big but it is easy and easy to forget too.
 Frankly speaking, So say ‘Thank you’ for being alive and see the magical change these words bring in your perspective towards life.
Thanks for reading!

Over to you – someone is waiting for your ‘Thank You’.
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