Frankly speaking - Let Rahul Gandhi clears his vision otherwise, someone else will…

Frankly speaking - Let Rahul Gandhi clears his vision otherwise, someone else will…


Like Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi too is free to speak about the issues of his country on the foreign land but he must be conscious while uttering the words as word has significance and impact on the party’s strategy.

The controversy was bound to crop up on what Rahul Gandhi had said at Hamburg in Germany.  Gone are the days, when one party used to avoid comments or statements on the domestic issues during their journey to foreign and speaking of Rahul Gandhi is not the exception.

For his address in German, Rahul Gandhi has been accused by the BJP for justifying terrorism to attack the Modi government by criticizing his own country at the foreign land.

Rather one of the spokespeople had sought the explanation from him for presenting India in a bad light by allegedly blaming its culture for violence against women. Citing the example of the Islamic State, Rahul Gandhi even said that the situation could create the terrorist groups in the world.

Criticizing the government cannot be termed as an insult to the country. If the Prime Minister during his foreign tour can pinpoint the non-resident Indians, this right needs to be extended to the opposition also.  Like Prime Minister, Congress President is also free to speak on the country’s issue. But stating the reason behind unemployment of terrorist organizations Islamic State – IS, looks to be dangerous as well as strange.

In fact, Rahul too wanted to say that in case the problem of unemployment is not solved, the Indian people too would adopt the dangerous path of IS. But nothing can be worst statement than that Congress President with an image of a youth leader, wants to establish that terrorism is the outcome of unemployment.

The problem is not only this that Rahul Gandhi viewed the IS rather the reasons behind the violence like the situation is due to the decisions like demonetization and GST.  Now the question is as to whether these two issues were not known earlier?  There is also a query, in the event of an unemployment crisis, the people resort to agitation, violence, demonstrations etc.

You will recall that earlier he was in controversy over his statement that Coca-Cola Company doesn’t sell – Shikanjavi – a mixture of lemon water.  It is very difficult to understand as to from where Rahul Gandhi is picking such controversial thoughts?  In Hamburg, he had also said that in case you don’t give a vision in the 21st century then someone else will do this.  

But it would be better and more appropriate if Rahul Gandhi concentrates and introspect as to what vision he himself is giving to the world because Modi government feels that poor, farmers, low-class people and minority groups should not get the facilities like upper-class people.  With this statement, nothing is new but the old allegation has been repeated that Modi government is working only for the handful of entrepreneurs.

Franky speaking, it would be better if Rahul Gandhi could make to understand as to how reach the conclusion?  If he doesn’t do this, then the questions befit well on himself that in case you can’t give vision to the people then someone else will give.
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