Let us respect each other mathematically…!!!

Let us respect each other mathematically…!!!

If five plus four is nine but so does six plus three...!!!


When everyone looks and thinks the same, only stagnation is achieved but these people definitely help you rise above the norm.

Everybody has different talents and different styles and even a dissimilar sense of humour. Everyone on this planet earth has a different way of doing the things as each one of us thinks differently. Likewise, the basis of the beginning of Aadhar number –introduced by UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India – a technology based on having different lines on the tips of our figures helps to record some of the physical features that make each of us different from others.

Even otherwise, when you were born you looked exactly like thousands of babies born but after a few months, your parents gave you a name. That name set you apart from some of those thousands and similarly, everyone looks different to a particular thing from different angles despite having the same basic value.
Scientists think that other factors, such as mood, feelings and even memories can affect our perception of colours. They claim it is entirely possible that two people can look at the same object and have the same wavelengths hit their eyes, yet see different colours.

In fact, the key to successful relationships lies solely in our ability to take the perspective of another. Perspective taking is that all-important skill of being able to look at things from a point of views other than our own. Perspective taking brings in the mindfulness of compassion and empathy to our relationships.
When I look back to my memories, I am reminded of something happened uniquely which I take it differently now.  I was summoned up by someone asking me to write something on the paper and I wrote ‘death is certain’.  He asked me again to write something with stress on the word ‘something’, I again wrote a sentence that I have read long back – You live only once if you live right, once is enough and appealed to me to do always right to enjoy the one time life on planet earth.
But when he asked for the third time to write something, I thought either I do not understand his question or he means something else and I instantly wrote ‘something’ on the paper. Then he said, Yes, I was to mean this to test you my point of view.

Frankly speaking, the way you do that thing is not always the only way for others to do them.  Mathematically, we should also respect each other's way of thinking and the best example is if five plus four is nine but so does six plus three.
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