Dear, Mind your Head Not Business…!!!

Dear, Mind your Head, not Business…!!!

Whenever I see the sign – Mind Your Head – I fail to understand as to whether it was a mistake in designing by the Architect or planned for utilization of small space to the maximum.  But when I enquired about it, I was told that when there is a shortage of space, the levels of the floors are so adjusted that sometime it may touch the head of the person and a signboard has to be hanged or painted at the entrance ‘Mind Your Head”.  It is nothing just a warning for strangely tall persons because of the low ceiling.
It can be interpreted as a request to control yourself; so that you may not face the consequences and miss for the specific purpose you are entering the particular accommodation.
There is also related common English saying - Mind your business - which asks for a respect of other people's privacy. It can mean that a person should stop meddling in what does not the concern that person, etc. It initializes as MYOB.
We may or may not mind our business but the mind is termed as brainpower which is one’s individual property but sometimes you have to be reminded to make the best use of it.  The mind is the invisible organ of intelligence, closely associated with the brain and most of the people believe it as a part of the brain which cannot exist without the mind.  The minds are like parachutes which only function when open.  Before that we have to put the things into it otherwise you will be confused between reality and imaginations.
Frankly speaking, those who focus so much on others usually have personal resolved issues. Sometimes we do mindless things and experience is the name given to our mistakes. A mind is something that is exclusively ours and no one can fathom it.  Even the psychologist could claim of reading your mind but how it could be possible till you speak out something.
But I believe you might be poor, your shoes might be broken but your mind is a palace. People that spend time looking for faults in others, should spend time correcting their own. Minding your business means taking care of your responsibilities.
Very interesting but irritating as well, an incident for a fraction of second for me, when I along with one of my close friend was stepping down the basement of a doctor – where ‘Mind Your Head’ was written on the vertical pillar.  Since he used to come there, he knew to take care of head while entering, he hurriedly uttered – Dear, ‘Mind Your Business’ instead of ‘Mind your head’ but unfortunately I was confused between business and head and hit the pillar.

Take care of yourself while reading ‘Mind your head’.
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