Words that still ring with fear in my ear….!!!

November 20, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Words that still ring with fear in my ear….!!!

Dear God! Every day after getting up and going to sleep, I pray by repeating four times the name of my God, for peace in the whole of the world and good health which gives me inner satisfaction to have a sound sleep.

But still, sometimes I myself become a victim of various fears, with or without logic or reasons.  I don’t understand as to how certain thoughts come to my mind rather make a home and don’t go out.

Common heritage is the strongest link between India and Pakistan. Masses on both sides are eager enough to work out a solution that may bring happiness on both sides.

During the last year, on visiting of Qureshi, Chairman Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation in Pak to Ferozepur, I found the happiest day I had known in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed ambience of joining together as he has raised the voice for peace between in India and Pakistan. He is also legally fighting to prove the innocence of martyrs having no mention in the first information report registered in Lahore on the basis of which, the three martyrs were sentenced to death one day before the actual date.

When he soberly invited us to visit Pakistan, the instant thought came to my mind was that it may further remove the reasonable fears and the gap between the two countries is reduced.

I recollect more than two decades back and incident of last discussions with my revered father when holding my hand he asked me to sleep with me.  Perhaps, he knew that it could be his last day on planet earth to proceed to his new journey for ‘parlok’ as he did not wake up in the next morning.  Before sleeping I asked him, as to whether there could be a solution to the dispute between India and Pakistan. To which he said boldly, it would not as it is political backed whereas the people of both the sides want to join hands because of their old bonding.

Frankly speaking, a thought is a continuous process, one comes, the older one goes out and then again new reflection comes in one’s mind.  Will the thought out of the long chat with my father on his last day of life, that there could be solution to normalize the relations between the two countries, which has made a niche in one of the corners of my mind, with the extending of invitation full of affectionate, full of etiquette, brotherhood and emotions for which they were equally sick of violence?

Sometimes I fail to understand as to how the leaders took the decision to bifurcate the country or it was taken deliberately and painstakingly executed.
I don’t think the day might come for a social media awareness campaign that explored the impact of violence on the emotional and cognitive process of individuals and communities across the country.

But, often the majority of our apprehensions turn out to be false and with the regular violation of line of control, killing of innocent persons on the border, the words of my father still rings with fear in my ear.

Words that  still ring with fear in my ear….!!!  HARISH MONGA DIDO Dear God! Every day after getting up and going to sleep, I pr...