Let us not to make wrong passwords

December 15, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

A lot of advice we have received about passwords a decade was wrong and through 20 years of effort, we have successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember for easy for computers to guess.  We have all chosen complicated and difficult to remember passwords in the hope boosting security.

Whenever you get a Wifi signal or go to the mobile shop for repair of your phone, the first thing asked is, Dear, what is your password?  It looks as if the password is of my life and not of the mobile.  To some extent, it’s like that our morning starts with the opening of the mobile with the password in alphabets, numeric or mixed or with the pattern or with the touch of the fingers on the back of the mobile, which facility is now available in the new models.

In other words, we try to keep the strong passwords which may be out of the reach of others but still the hackers are so smart, they sometimes crack it also.  Keeping 1234, abcd, name of your child, pet, spouse or vehicle are common, I love you.  Some people keep the funny passwords both in words and numeric like don’t ask password, tit for tat, iloveyou, 0420, 007 etc.  The idea behind keeping the password is that it remains in your mind so that it could be easily put when logging in.

I recollect that I kept the password for my Wifi connection as ‘Pakistan’ and few days it stopped working. I lodged the complaint with the BSNL authorities who sent their engineer to rectify it. He gave me a noiseless smiling when I told him the password.  He tried his best to set right the modem but he could not make out the real fault.  I just casually asked him to change the password as ‘India’ and it did the miracle.  We could not understand as to whether it was a technical fault or coincidence or clicking something in the settings of the system that the Wifi starts working with the new password.

Though with the change of technology, the mobiles can now be opened with the touch of the finger or thumb already scanned on the mobile, yet I feel that those who don’t have Smartphone with this facility, should keep the message able passwords like – Satdevkijai, jaishriram, dogoodhavegood, shukarhaitera -
which may remind you the opening of the doors of life with a smiling face - instead of keeping the funny or irrelevant passwords for opening the mobiles.

I was surprised to know that Cartoonist Randall Munroe found that it would take 550 years to crack 'correcthorsebatterystaple' whereas the password 'Tr0ub4dor&3' - which was previously considered strong by Mr Burr's calculations - could be hacked in three days.
Frankly speaking, there are many combinations of letters and numbers you can hold in your head at once.  But now there are plenty of tools out there to remember your passwords and secure them for you. Make sure that your passwords are as per security dashboard feature which rates your password health.

If we start our day with good deeds like the good passwords for opening the mobile, it will work as your driving force and helpful for people who come in contact with you throughout the day.

Like trying the wrong password does not open the mobile phone, any wrongs committed – like the wrong password - in life will also not open the doors of the beautiful life.  So don’t make a wrong password a part of your life.

A lot of advice we have received about passwords a decade was wrong and through 20 years of effort, we have successfully trained every...