What if.. .!!! ???

December 07, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

What if.. .!!! ???


Our life is multifaceted.  Hardly there is anyone who had not put himself a question – What if - in a conditional statement.  This is related to past tense which is used to describe or to make a hypothetical statement in a polite expression.

What if– is used to ask about something that could happen in the future especially something bad or what action to take if a particular thing should happen or a question what could happen or what could have happened in a particular situation if something was or had been different.

However, What if, statements throw fuel on the fire of stress and worry. Things can go in a million different directions and the more you spend worrying about the possibilities, the less time you will spend focusing on taking action that will calm you down and keep your stress under control.

Some people don’t like to ask themselves any question. They are contented with the existing set-up and don’t want to put a stress.  Let the things happen in its own course and in the event of any most horrible or terrible situation, a solution will definitely be there. Instead of bothering yourself with ‘what if’ questions, think about doing good deeds to have better results than a bitter one.

The other day, one of my friends, a computer engineer put a question to me – “What if Apple had made a car?” He laughed when I instantly said, “Would it have Windows to enjoy the beautiful world outside?”
We go in for such questions to clear our doubts about the happenings in the future.  In case we ask the question as to what would happen if God exists and the answer is only that He – God does not really like people very much when harmony in relations - not only in families even in the society and between the neighbouring countries - has vanished and glaring example is between India and Pakistan when despite marking of Line of Control – LoC – there had been attacks. 

Perhaps the nation across the line is not putting himself a million dollar question which can bring peace in the sub-continent – What if, we stop creating terror, smuggling of drugs, fake currency by remain confining to our land and thinking more about the development of the country and the people living in it.

Frankly speaking, John Esteen has rightly observed that you have to come to your closed doors before you get to your open doors, to keep moving forward.  Let us open the LoC with smiling instead of sad faces to contribute to bringing peace on the planet earth.

Asking question to you is to take yourself from physically to the imaginative world to think what others cannot and it is a good habit to have innovative ideas.

What if, is to come out with your hidden ideas in your mind on the paper to express something peculiar or in other words different from what is happening around us, to have better future irrespective of the course group?

But one should never live with regrets or with what if. We should live a good life and learn from the bad, to have a fabulous life. Let us love each other and see the outcome.

What if.. .!!! ??? HARISH MONGA DIDO Our life is multifaceted.  Hardly there is anyone who had not put himself a questi...