Why red has become white?

December 28, 2018 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Why red has become white?


The moment you see the red colour anywhere, the first thing comes to your mind is that red is related to blood.  I recollect a sentence spoken by the key-note speaker at some function delivering his lecture on relations – merely erecting four-walls and putting a roof on it, don’t look like a home but by living, but by living with someone in it having blood relations.
There is no hell on earth or heaven in the sky.  Since no one has seen the subtle world beyond earth as no one has come back after enjoying the lifespan, only the cordial relations among the family members, friends, and society and even in any political or social organizations could make such so-called castle on this planet earth only.
Keeping good health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth and faithfulness the best relationship.
A healthy relationship is one where you share your true feelings without fearing the end of the relationship.  It’s also one where you sometimes have to let things that bug you slide.  The tough moments will make you wiser about yourself and each other.  The will also make you stronger and closer to your relations.
What I feel is that brother-sister and father-daughter are probably the most competitive relationship within the family and once they are grown up, such relations become the strongest relationship on unwavering trust.
The concept of relation has been created by human-beings itself depending on a need basis but one thing is certain no one can live without relationship as one cannot exist in isolation as our existence is with others.  The production house has its relationship with its customers and that is why that relationship translates into sales.
Taylor Swift has connected the relations with one of the traffic light.  One can exist only in a relationship if it’s a green light.
Sometimes people don’t agree that the bond that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each other’s life. They give the logic that since a matching group of the blood of one person can only be given to another person during the medical treatment.  It is the red blood which maintains the relations between the two as it cannot be produced in a factory and only human-being can produce it and donate it.  But the sour relations don’t understand this ideology and continue to brawl with their vested interests.
I think for any relationship to be successful there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, transparency and understanding. Sometimes colours don’t denote the real meaning. Normally over the difference of opinion in the family, it is said that blood has gone white – as low white blood cell can sometimes be a sign of an underlying medical problem despite the fact that white means safety, purity and cleanliness and opposed to black as white usually has a positive connotation.
Frankly speaking, I am close to a family when each member of the family was standing with the other but once one brother helped the younger brother and later on refused to return back the property even after enjoying the royalty for more than three decades.  In such a situation, nothing could be more unreasonable to imagine than blood in white colour and yet it evokes collective embarrassment for the entire family.  Perhaps the lust for money has changed the mind and colour of the blood from red to white despite having own adequate funds and property.

Still sometimes in my bonus period life, it compels me to analyze closely as to why and how red has become white?  

Why red has become white ?  HARISH MONGA DIDO The moment you see the red colour anywhere, the first thing comes to your mind i...