An entryway to your home sets the tone of the visitor….!!!

January 22, 2019 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

An entryway to your home sets the tone of the visitor….!!!

The entryway ideas guaranteed to make a stylish first impression. An elegant foyer introduces your home’s personality and welcomes your guests.  

Still, in an old house, you will find the tradition of beautiful words written in English, Hindi or Punjabi languages as Welcome, Ji Aayan Nu, Swagtam.  And also the name given to the houses as The Nest, The Palm, The Peace, Heaven on Earth, The Meet and it could be a long list.  The idea behind writing these words was either to greet the guests and to have personal satisfaction by giving the name to the house.  Moreover, the inscription of such wording will grab visitors by the collar to the first-hand impression of the idea behind the owner of the house. 

Earlier placard was also hanged at the entrance in the shops – Customers are God but now it is written – Beware of dogs, You are under CCTV surveillance which gives a feeling of a thief.
Besides, it has disadvantages like can invade privacy in some places, lead to a misconception in law and being used as a threat towards the public. The advantages are – catches crimes and identifies criminals, proves innocence, keep track of people that need to be watched.

With the passage of time, the interior designers created a powerful entrance with contemporary art and traditional architecture and furnishings into a stylish mash-up.

Now the CCTV installation has replaced these welcome words obviously due to thefts in the houses when it is locked for a long time.  Let me share, on our two visits to aboard, there had been theft in our house.  Since as precautionary measures, no cash or jewellery was kept at home, there was no loss except for the repairs of doors and locks. But it definitely created a terror in the colony and in our minds too.

This time before going on a long journey, I too thought to install the CCTV cameras.  First, to see as to who is the caller, while sitting inside the house?  Secondly, to know as to who is the entrant in our absence from the recording on the hard disc of the system?   But the other day when I read the news that the thieves have become too smart and conversant with the installation of this system.  They had come with a spray of black colour to cover on the cameras and switch off the system.

Frankly speaking, whether visitors are welcomed into a soaring space crowned with a sparkling chandelier or a cosy reception area with warm wood floors and a bouquet of blooms, the entryway to your home sets the tone for the rest of your home.

No doubt number of theft and crime has dropped and cases have been solved with the help of CCTV footages but its installation has become necessary at certain places to put a check on miscreants like storehouses, showrooms, religious places, crèches, and corporate houses.

But the other day, I was in a very awkward situation when one of my close friends said in a lighter way – Dear Dido, now my visit to your house, with the installation of the camera outside your house has started giving me a feeling as if I am a thief. 

Certainly now, I am in a fix to retain or remove the cameras to honour the feelings of the guests which looks to be an invasion of privacy. Over to you! 

An entryway to your home sets the tone of the visitor….!!! HARISH MONGA DIDO The entryway ideas guaranteed to make a stylish fir...