Bigger the gift, higher the expectations...!!!

January 21, 2019 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Bigger the gift, higher the……?

Gifting is an art as well as talent.  It signifies warmth, love, affection, liking, kindness, forgiveness etc. while it also makes anybody happy. In many human societies, the act of mutually exchanging money, goods, etc. contributes to social cohesion, unity, consistency and above all harmony.

While a presence on the event or celebrations is more important than the present, giving gifts appropriate the occasion confirming that we are indeed co-celebrating the joyous revelry with the host. Gifting is an integral part in commemorating an event of celebrations – like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries which usually necessitate gifts be given to the person concerned.  

The selection of gift is a complex procedure because it includes various structures which are internal as well as external.  When you go to buy a gift for someone, it is all the more difficult to make a choice.  But the gift must be according to the need and liking at the receiving end which one can know on being quite close to the giver. Even then so many intricacies are involved while gifting of both of the giver and receiver of the gift such as who, why, when, the occasion, price tag, packaging, the psyche the list be big of an individual depending on the circumstances.

In India, when it comes to gifting, the Indian philosophy believes in a generosity of spirit while giving.  Gift giving is routine in India and is seen as a sign of friendship and it is also a symbolic way of show appreciation and to develop a relationship.
When the reading habits have declined to a very low percentage due to a high cost of publications, it looks to be a national crisis, book lovers have developed a new phenomenon by gifting books on celebrations.  Perhaps keeping in mind the words of Mark Twain – The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.  I have observed that reason behind the decline in reading is across all over the world and this is due to the television.  Since the well-read society has its far-flung advantages and to maintain this status, the people have to think seriously on this issue and in such stratum, one of the best gifts is offering a book.

Gifting is an art of expressing and can be given as a favour, a gesture of love, gratitude, sympathy and or kindness. Always try to put together stuff that is not just exceptional but also things that your loved one always wished to own. It may be an occasion or festive season, your existence with your dear ones will be felt in an extraordinary manner even if they are living miles and miles away.

A gift is such a thing which everyone likes to have and there is always a curiosity to open it instantly especially among the children to see if it is unique.

Frankly speaking, more often than not, gifts explain its recipient the deeper emotions of the giver. We give gifts to the people not only for the obvious reason that we love them but also for the joy of seeing them excited and delighted.
Expect nothing in return.  You are giving because you want to. I repeat do not expect gratitude smiles or something in return.  But the words uttered two decades back still rings in my ears when I presented a costly gift to near one has no intention to expect anything in return - Dear, bigger the gift, higher the expectations.  

Bigger the gift, higher the……? HARISH MONGA DIDO Gifting is an art as well as talent.  It signifies warmth, love, affection, likin...