Jyothi Rongala – Telgu girl on a solo 30,000 km cashless cycle ride to prove Indian roads are safe for women!

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Jyothi Rongala – Telgu girl on a solo 30,000 km cashless cycle ride to prove Indian roads are safe for women!

If I can do it, anybody else can do it irrespective of age group: Jyothi Rongala

Ferozepur January 18, 2019: Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion and people with great passion can make the impossible happen. Jyothi Rongala – born August 12, 1983, in Ambala, brought up at Goa and settled in Andhra Pradesh in Yeluru village in East Godavari district – out of her passion, is on India tour on cycle to break the solo ride record of Guinness Book of Record – was given a warm welcome from Sohan Singh Sodhi – a cyclist  on reaching at Ferozepur after covering 1800 km. She intends to cover 30,000 KMs by covering almost all the states in India while the earlier record is 18,999 KMs by one Australian.
Few excerpts out of the interaction with Jyothi Rongala while having 40 km company on a cycle on January 17 to Hussainiwala with Sohan Singh Sodhi.

HM: How the cycle expedition came to your mind?
JR: In fact, I was a Mountaineering Instructor and worked with Google for three years as HR Head after doing my MBA in HR and Marketing but my passion for cycling in one corner of mind worked as a motivational force to do something different in life left the Google of Rs.2.25 lac pm package.  One can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support of the family.  My family – my mother a Sarpanch in the village and father – a retired Customs Officer initially reacted but could not stand before my passion and supported me.
HM: Why you started cycling.
JR: I started cycling in 2016 and covered around 8000 km but had to take a break due to the shoulder injury and restarted on January 8, 2019, from Delhi.
HM: Have you been sponsored by someone or you are managing at your end?
JR: No, as per the rules for Guinness Book of Record, I am on a Cashless drive.  Initially, crowdfunding was raised for the purchase of my cycle and other infrastructure required like cameras on a helmet, GPS recorder, camping ten etc. For rest of the journeys, I try to make contacts with the cyclists at my next stop-over station or the local NGO to make arrangements.  Otherwise, I stay at the temple or gurdawara or at the police station by putting my own tent with sleeping bag, which I am carrying with me.  The total weight I am carrying on my cycle is 45 kg.
HM: Did you face any problem on the way?
JR: Not much. But on two occasions, I handled very tactfully. For example when three-four youths stopped near me on the roadside and on asking irrelevant questions, I just pressed the button from my mobile and the red light starts flickering on my helmet and on asking me what is this, I said, it is now connected to the local police station and Home Department and the cops will be here in a few minutes.  They immediately left the places.  Even otherwise, I have also training martial arts and can give a tough fight in such a situation.  Thank God, there had not been any such situation so far.
HM: What do you feel about the people since you entered in Punjab?
JR: People here in Punjab are very accommodating.  Like in Ferozepur I have enjoyed the hospitality of Sohan Singh Sodhi and a company on a cycle ride to the countryside and witnessed the Retreat Ceremony at Hussainiwala, met the villagers especially the girls, paid tributes to the martyrs.  I also visited one the last government school in this part of the country near Indo-Pak border – Gatti Rajo Ke. Dr.Satinder Singh, Principal had been kind enough to give me a time to speak to the students. During my face to face talk with the girls and motivated them to have will power and confidence to face any situation in your life.
HM: How many KMs you drive in a day?
JR: It depends upon the weather conditions.  Normally, I drive from10 am to 4 pm between 60 to 80 km. Even I drive during the night also during summer days as it is difficult to do cycling due to scorching heat.
HM: One personal question. What about selecting a life partner?
JR: I feel pleasure to share that before starting my journey, I was engaged in Uttrakhand-Gharwal who too is mountaineering rider and instructor and will marry on completion of my mission.
HM: Last but not the least, any message you would like to give?
JR: Sure. I have started with a mission to prove that Indian roads are safe for women. If I can do it, anybody else can do irrespective of age group.  I also want to prove that ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ is an integral part of Indian culture so far wherever I went, people have welcomed me with the open heart and treated me like a family member.


Harish Monga having interaction with Jyothi Rongala during the cycle ride on one day of 40 km

In the evening, Kamal Sharma, former BJP President Punjab and Executive Member National Executive Committee BJP also honoured Jyothi Rongala at his residence in Ferozepur.

Jyothi Rongala – Telgu girl on a solo 30,000 km cashless cycle ride to prove Indian roads are safe for women! If I can do it, anybod...