Changing colours of life…!!!

March 29, 2019 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Changing colours of life…!!!

No one will deny as it is an admitted fact about natural instinct that the romance between husband and wife is synonymous with sex and procreation.  While to have a feeling of affection and friendship, is now the things of the past when you are free from the productive age.  What comes in between is the responsibility of bringing them up by giving the best of the education to get the opportunity for employment and a suitable match for marriage to continue the natural cycle. 
It was an easy proposition a few decades back but with the social advancement of women by acquiring higher education, the physical relationship remained a major determinant in such relationship.
But today’s relationships have changed with the passage of time as they are more like a circus – a show.  Don’t take it otherwise in terms of joker as the moment the word circus comes to one’s mind, the joker is the first character to be in mind. 
Gradually ushering into the era, where romance and sex are the priority over the relationship by discovering new equations, how short-lived they may be.  This barren, unfruitful, unproductive relationship have taken the place who had different schedules, targets to be met and come home tired wearing their boss’s anger on their sleeve. They don’t have time for physical intimacy, quick meals that too on the bed ignoring the status of dining table placed at the center of lobby adjoining the open kitchen.  Even they forget to wish each other ‘good night’.
Not only this, even once a while, when some movie or crime serial, which creates a curiosity to know as to what would happen next, is witnessed on the idiot box and if one goes to sleep, the other one will ask in the morning as to what was the outcome of the movie, who married to whom or who was the accused in the crime.
Even sometimes the cremation or memorial ceremonies are skipped knowing that there the official close-one will be more in grief than family members and attending of such functions have become a part of retirees only. Sometimes, I feel as to where the society is going even avoiding unavoidable social meetings where the various departed relations are there to share their sentiments.   
Frankly speaking, the colours of life have totally changed.  There is a need to arrest the moral values which had gone decay.  Another major call for is to reform, enhance and cleanse ourselves first if we want to restore the foundation of our traditional value system.  Only then we can enjoy the colours and its shades in our life to fill up the vacuum of the social bond the symptoms of which have gradually disappeared.

Changing colours of life…!!! HARISH MONGA DIDO No one will deny as it is an admitted fact about natural instinct that the romance...