Putting name in brackets is…!!!

April 03, 2019 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Putting a name in brackets is…!!!

Signing every document at the end of page or text on the paper by writing your name is to make it valid at the other receiving end. Without signing any paper, above your signatures with the name has different styles. Some artistic writers, even if it is a normal letter or document, feel to have their name on the left side against the normal trend on the right side.  Even some like to put their name on the center of the line.  But all this depends upon one’s liking irrespective of the instructions or guidelines on the subject of writing style.

Normally the name is written in brackets in official or private documents, to give your identification below your signatures. Even the Facebook social media has now given the option to add another name in brackets.

 The digital era is so advance now that you put any query and you have the answer and for putting the question – Don’t put my name – in the Google search, the options were in the end roll, in your mouth, in vain, of God in vain and don’t put dirt on my name.

In this internet age, when the majority of the user is online and the words put in brackets work directly with your browser to push code edits instantly as your browser preview is always up to date while you are coding and no page reloads are needed and also in order to keep your current web browsing unaffected.

Even on Twitter, people are adding the brackets – known as ‘echoes’ – to their names as part of an online anti-racist movement by putting three brackets around your name as adding ‘echo’ to your Twitter name is solidarity.   

Adding name in the gazhals in the last couplet to leave writer’s identification is also a practice like -  “Tham jayega ‘Ada’ galtiyon ka ye silsila, Zarooi hai ek mulakat iane ke saath” – The chain of mistakes will stop ‘Ada’, but it is necessary to have once meeting with mirror.

Frankly speaking, I recollect an incident of my senior officer, while I was in service, when his name on the day of joining was put in brackets.  Putting a name in the brackets in the official capacity is an old trend of drafting letters and continuing as of now.  

But he particularly pointed out, dear, don’t customize me by putting my name in the official letters in brackets.  I don’t want to be confined to the brackets.  I want to be an open book and keep the option to move anywhere and give my opinion as a flying bird and not imprisoned in the official brackets.

On another occasion, the embarrassing position of an officer designated as – Assistant Secretary (Sugar), for not putting his abbreviated designation in brackets as AS(S) – Assistant Secretary (Sugar) instead of ASS, can well be imagined, after more than four decades, by me, when he had to say to his senior with folded hands for putting his designation as AS(Sugar) in brackets.

Putting a name in brackets is…!!! Signing every document at the end of page or text on the paper by writing your name is to make it ...