FACE-TO-FACE with Sohan Singh Sodhi, Cyclist - By Babushahi.com

FACE-TO-FACE with Sohan Singh Sodhi, Cyclist

DC Congratulates Sodhi for covering 31,000 km cycling, Sodhi determines to cover in kilometres equal to score by Indian Cricket Team in World Cup

Ferozepur cyclist determined to cover kilometres equal to score by Indian Team in World Cup
Chander Gaind, DC Ferozepur congratulates Sohan Singh Sodhi for covering 31,000 km cycling
Ferozepur, June 28, 2019: Sohan Singh Sodhi, a cyclist from border town has determined to cover kilometres equal to the score by Indian Team in World Cup started from May 30 to 14 July which will also include 50s and 100s in km also on a single day or week end.
Sodhi, a businessman, who has number of distinctions to his credit, has already covered 31,039 km cycle ride which he started on August 16, 2015.
Babushahi Team Member had face-to-face talk with him which revealed may of his distinctions.
Babushahi Team Member: Welcome to Babushahi.com.  What are the distinctions conferred on you so far ?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: Because of my local popularity, I was announced as Brand Ambassador under Swachh Bharat Mission by Municipal Council, Ferozepur to motivate the people to keep the city neat and clean.  I was the Punjab’s First Senior SR in cycling from Ferozepur.  I also organized and lead the Cycle Rallies in Ferozepur.
Babushahi Team Member: How many km you have covered so far on your cycle?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: As of today, I have completed 31,039 km in 573 rides started in August 16, 2015.
Babushahi Team Member: Any other achievement in cycling?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: Yes, I have participated in different brevet – a long distance ride of 100 km, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 km on the routes of Hoshiarpur to Talwara, New Delhi to Ambala, Hoshiarpur to Jammu and Delhi to Doraha.  I visited all  the district headquarters in the State on cycle.  Now a day, our group of 9 riders are covering 50 km plus daily which we start at 4.30 am.  I have tranvelled on my cycle two times each to Delhi and Jammu which include 33 fly-overs passing in Delhi. My cycle got punctured four times so far.  I keep all the tools with me while cycling to continue my journey on cycle.

Babushahi Team Member: Sodhi, you feel pleasure or to keep physically fit, please share.
Sohan Singh Sodhi: Yes, now a days the people have become lethargic and confined to air conditioned rooms, inviting number of diseases.  Daily cycling keep us mentally and physically fit. Not only this, 17 persons in Ferozepur who were on insulin being diabetic, are taking regular sugar but doing daily cycling 40-50 kms in the morning.
Babushahi Team Member: What are your other peculiarities?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: My blood group is O-ve which is very rare and I have today donated for 27th time in the Civil Hospital for the patient fighting for life.  There are only 9 O-ve group donors in Ferozepur and we are volunteer for donation in rotation as and when there is a call from donor or hospital.
Babushahi Team Member: Say something about the plan on cycle relating to Cricket World Cup going on now  a day.
Sohan Singh Sodhi: One day, I just thought to dedicate my cycle ride to the Indian Cricket Team and decided to cover kilometres equal to the score by Indian Team in World Cup started from May 30 to 14 July which will also include 50s and 100s in km also on a single day or week end.
Babushahi Team Member: Who motivated or from whom you got the inspiration?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: In fact, a long back, I saw a posting on the Facebook, if anyone interested to join cycling in the morning and the I next day I bought a cycle and started and since then I am continuing and it has become my passion now which keeps me fit as I little obese.
Babushahi Team Member: What your future plans?
Sohan Singh Sodhi: I plan to start a class in the morning for the bikers to give them tips for best cycling which I have gained in the past.
Babushahi Team Member: Dear Sodhi, Babushahi.com wishes a happy riding in the coming time.
Sohan Singh Sodhi:  My pleasures. I have seen since I started the cycling, in Ferozepur itself number of youths and even seniors have started cycling and could be seen early in the morning.  Even Deputy Commissioner, Chander Gaind has organized two cycle rallies recently to involve the youths to keep them away from drugs.
Chander Gaind, Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur congratulated Sohan Singh Sodhi for his achievements in cycling for becoming a role model not only for Ferozepurians but for all those who are health conscious and adopted cycling.  Rather, I had a chance to ride with him in recently organized Cycle rallies to create awareness among the people to shun the menace of drugs by keeping busy in other activities like cycling which will keep them mentally and physically fit.
Sharing a quote – Get bicycle, you will not regret it, if you want to live a health life, Deputy Commissioner, who himself loves cycling said, we are also planning to make the Cycle Rally a regular feature at least once a month in Ferozepur, to keep tapping the youths to be away from drugs by joining the sports events like cycling.  My congratulations, once again to Sohan Singh Sodhi.

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