Reliable offline Social Media…???

Reliable offline Social Media…

Prior to the initiation of online social media, there was a place where one can have local news, exchange views with the strangers, read old magazines and current newspapers, while waiting for his turn, at least once a month, to have a new face look.

Hope, the tradition becoming obsolete, too with the grooming at home, with the fine quality trimmers but still some people look forward monthly visit to the hairdresser, not only for a haircut rather meet a variety of people to listen to their views on the current issues.
Most people prefer to visit on holiday when there is a rush and one gets a lot of time, to enjoy the contrasting views on various topics. Sometimes, you are put wiser about the information, which might have escaped your attention from the newspaper or not shared by any of your near or dear.  Sundays are the best choice to raise you from the hectic weekdays.

Earlier, I used to visit the barbershop once a week for trimming of a beard but after trying my hand on trimmer; my visits were restricted to once a month for a haircut only.  Though it saved my time and money, in the meantime, social media has come up to keep you updated spontaneously of any event not in the society but at the state, national and world levels.  

Some of the messages are just copied and forwarded with no contribution of the sender and one starts feeling bored, with no innovative ideas.  While there are spiced-up messages and pornography which one needs to delete instantly after reading.

          During the last summer months, when the temperature was very high, I asked the barbershop owner, which I normally visit once a month for hair-cut only, to install an air-conditioner and increase your charges.  Since I am keeping a beard and using the trimmer at home, barbershop owner – to whom everyone call Gopi - asked me in a lighter way, Sir, do come for trimming also.

Anyhow, with the installation of air-conditioner, many land up there to enjoy the cool environment and update and ultimately Gopi has to put a placard – Muje koi itraz nahi hai yahan baithene ka, yadi aap baal katwane ke liye aaya hain – I don’t mind of your sitting here if you have come for hair-cut.

Gopi, who is no more now in this world – has fast speaking ascent but so one-liner witty, a satire with a message and had too much in his mind, to start his conversation, gauging the pulse of the listener, sitting on his hot seat. Without giving much time to respond, he will start from the top headlines of the day and go on shifting to the next topic.

I recollect the incident when there was a rumor of leveling serious charges on prominent personality and I decided to go for a hair-cut, despite the fact that it was not due, just to confirm its authenticity rumor. 

Frankly speaking, the discussions on the issue were already on, the moment I entered the shop and everything was crystal clear as sharp as his scissor and razor and removing the apron from my neck, Gopi uttered, “Dear – don’t take it lightly, our society and country need men of character”.

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