Don’t write to live, rather write to live after death

Don’t write to live, rather write to live after death


Writing is surely an art, to convince the readers to go with your idea. Golden words written in the form of simple words or which have become idioms – which make the language more interesting and vibrant - with the passage of time have their own significance and impact on society.  These have originated from our day today’s life. 

There are certain things which we do for others like speak, write and wear. Do or Die is a new slogan by the employees frustrated over long-pending demands as the government has its own limitations to do before their employees die.
But such words have to be used very carefully and one should not try to use them unless one is sure how to use them.
For example, the Korean expression is ‘someone else’s rice cake always looks bigger than yours and in English; we would say ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’ Both of these sayings neatly and memorably express the idea that something which you already have can be appealing just because it belongs to someone else.

Frankly speaking, the written words in books with great efforts by the writer have the power to stir our creativity and stimulate innovative and inventive ideas, provided we have the reading habit, which is declining especially among the youths with the invent of internet and the youths prefer to search online for information rather than rely upon or read good books.

The other day, when a discussion was going on about the words were spoken spontaneously and the consensus was that they become a good thought to note down and quoted at the appropriate time.
Normally, we say my existence, recognition or survival is because of you and me recollect when once I uttered few words instinctively in Punjabi – Hawa Ne Menu Zinda Rakhiya, Tera Ta Ik Bahana-E – Air is keeping me alive, yours is an excuse to express my sentiments to give regards to whom you love more than the others think.
Now writing on a computer, the laptop has become easy and one can write in flow with his thoughts and can simultaneously search for help with search engines available on the internet.  

But when I started writing Middles – Blogs on my own domain and shared with many of my friends fond of reading, more often than not or in general I said, I am writing to live or keep myself busy from unsocial evils.  One of my close friend sitting beside me corrected me, No dear, you are not writing to live rather writing to live after death.

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