Imagination may be, but experience can’t be…..

Imagination may be, but experience can’t be…..


Only two ideas can differentiate to arrive at the correct decision as there are always two aspects, characters, dimensions, faces.  Wrong and right are two concepts depend upon one’s own thinking.

Small issues in life if taken as personal without visualizing the big issues having no relevancy with happily living, become big issues in some cases making it difficult to compromise against the ego and misunderstanding which have become one’s driving force.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, it is always better to shift your energy to what you can create to rather help others.  Out attitude is our choice and make it sure that we are not pushed around by the fears in our mind. You have to come out of your comfort zone to grow and transform the things to bring change in the system.  So whatever choice you make, make you and ensure that the expectations and opinion of other people affect. So, do choose wisely.

I recollect an incident when about a decade back when a beautiful coupled arrived at my place to get advice.  After about half an hour discussions after exchange of views I presented them a book titled Mental Equipment for Married Life by P V Kanal, they agreed to live together, in spite of the fact that their issue was so multifaceted with no logics as compared to the privileges available with them to live happy married life, on sharing the pluses and minuses of separation or entering into litigation by virtue of my experiences.

Frankly speaking, the purpose of life is to live it and gaining experience to the utmost makes your mind enlightened, repeat once enlightened cannot become dark.

Imagination may be wrong to differentiate between wrong or right but your experience cannot be because you have lived with it to arrive at the right conclusion. I always prefer to sit and discuss with the experience persons to become more perfect to give a right advice at the right time. 

No doubt, imagination is the highest kite that can fly and will take you everywhere, is also the power to form mental image of something but our existence is with experience of others and on our imaginations. So don’t just exist to live rather live to exist for others.  

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